Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Campaign Season Begins

Well it's after Labor day and the official start of the campaign season begins!

Here is an open thread what are you seeing, what are you hearing?!?!


Anonymous said...

The reace to watch next week, is District 8's Legislative primary.

Look for Noonan to be knocked into retirement, hopefully, he used to be a benefit to the District, now he is a liability to the entire County.
Sad decline, but mark my words, HE IS GOING DOWN !

Also the other B I G race is the Don Williams Independence Primary race,,, should be a no-brainer for Don, the only qualified candidate but knowing the independence of the Independant party, nothing is a guarantee.

Stay Tuned, kids,,

Anonymous said...


I don't know if you check in on my blog, http://www.flingingtowardsthesun.blogspot.com - or at KingstonCitizens.org - but I'm hosting a Meet the Candidates (U.C. Legislative District 6) mixer and non-partisan fundraiser [There was also an announcement in the K. Times] at the house this Saturday - and a number of candidates have signed up.

Please join us if you get the chance - and pass the word (details on my blog) along...

The Meet the Candidates event is being followed up by a KAPA Fundraiser, as well --- all under the umbrella of a "Patriot Day" celebration - and all FREE - although donations are welcome [see details...] and raffles [along with a possible silent auction] will be held.


Nancy Smith

Anonymous said...

Dart's signs read:

Send me back so I can keep robbing you.

..And they will..


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I saw Dart driving his van the other day with his signs taped all over the place on it.

If I am not mistaken he even violates the law by having the signs in his back window - placing them there does not allow him to see out the back.

As Chair of Public Safety its nice to know that he can't abide by the laws of the land.

Anonymous said...

Ward 6, city of Kingston, look what is being thrown up against the sad single nice but Elephant Party Italian boy(hapless in the ruling party AKA Catholicism due to his singlehood of course), well a married with kids woman who will be nothing but the mayor's yes woman...over my dead body does she get in, none of these creeps, in this case a woman who wants some income to feed her children "the Pope ordered her to have or some such thing"(which in essence is really at work in her life, regardless of how one feels about that fact, and boy does she put forth the Catholic education credentials like it makes her Kathy Janaczek or someone), really ever cares about people who have nothing which includes Colonial gardens, Stuyvesant Charter and the relative uppity housing offering called Birchwood.
One thing is for sure:the single Italian boy representing this ward now hasn't done any DAMAGE to the lowly. Just WAIT to see what DAMAGE IS DONE once this Bunce Ball character gets in and starts taking marching orders for her survival from Jim Sottile!! Hanh!! That'll be some PREDICTABLE SHOW/snow job of those who have nothing for SURE and I hope her sad techniques of arranging community meetings with the police chief and all that B.S. has no effect on anyone's mind over this because it SHOULDN'T. This mayor runs things as if he's the Archbishop, which I guess was really the only role model of leader he ever had in his life...sad...but true. Jason Giambi might be a better one, or if we have to find a dead person to get some higher status in Catholicism, how about Thurman Munson, the late Yankee Catcher who died in a plane crash in 1979 in his native Ohio? Pfffff nahhhh.....he's HOPELESS the fat silly mayor---counter evil and the good thing ward 6'ers is that EXTRA evil will then likely NOT FIND YOU.

Anonymous said...

there once was a boy named Nicky,
who thought himself a bit tricky,
But out with the people,
he seemed a bit feeble,
cause' Nicky's just a bit DICKY!

Anonymous said...

Another Corrections Officer gets arrested.

We have no discipline at the Sheriff's Department.

Time 4 Change!


Anonymous said...

Last week it was porn, this week its another black eye for Postupack endorsin' Benedict Van Blarcum.

What is going on at the new jail? Is the property just cursed?

Ugly Cuss

Anonymous said...

I read the comment about Darts van. Having been in law enforcement, I can tell you his van is legal. He has large enough side mirrors. Many vans and trucks do not have any rear windows. You should read the DMV laws before you accuse anyone of violating the law.

Anonymous said...

Ill gotten gains will forever curse those who domicile or work there.

Anonymous said...

Big-Ass Quigley signs are popping up. Where's Nicky been?

Where's Nicky been for the past 4 years?

Anonymous said...

Nickie-boy has been spending alot of time at Portabellas eating free food.

Ugly Cuss

Anonymous said...

Jeremy and company...

My events have been cancelled. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Big ass signs should not be out until October 3 in Ulster. That is the law.
I see Quigley's son in law is breaking the law at that other law breakers used car business on Morton Blvd.

I guess these laws apply to everyone but ex-cops.

Anonymous said...

Hey 4:29 - Mr. Gurrieri,

The thing about meds is that you have to take them REGULARLY, whether you think you're "all better" or not.

I never knew Polacco or Ball as devout catholics or pretending to be such, so cut out the catholic-bashing ok?

Other than that, Ron has not endeared himself to the ward I'm afraid. I hope he gets win but hes not doing himself any favors by being so VERY unavailable.

Anonymous said...

6:56 - there is no state or county law regarding when political signs can go up. Town of Ulster has no law, so Quigley and his son-in-law aren't breaking any laws.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Hey 4:34 I've been told that Spada & Aaron have cut all ties with the boy king, I new the rats would be jumping ship sooner or later, I guess a little PR is needed between them and the next Town Supervisor, I don't think Jim Q will be very receptive though, he knows that taking the PR out and just leaving a few ICK's, wont change what they've done to our town and it's residents over the past 4 years.
The Boy King is Dead, Long Live the King!