Wednesday, September 16, 2009



Ward 9

Democratic Line
Hayes Clement crushes Mark Halwick to win the Democratic nomination in Ward 9. Clement won by a nearly 3 to 1 margin and will face Republican Deborah Brown in November. Congratulations Hayes!

Ward 8
Conservative Line
Congratulations to Todd Langdon on his HUGE victory over Bob Senor on the Conservative Line.

Ward 1
Republican Line
Congratulations to Andi Turco-Levin on her HUGE victory on the Republican Line.


County Court Judge
Independence Line
Don Williams easily fends off Democratic nominee Deborah Schneer. The Independence Line is a good litmus test for the General Election in November. I predict that Don Williams will easily win over Schneer, as long as he keeps the momentum going.

County Leg, District One Republican Line
Congratulations to top vote getter Terry Bernardo for running a hard fought and clean campaign. Look for Bernardo, Sheeley, Briggs and Stoecker to take the Legislative seats in November.

County Leg, District Five

Independence Line

The jury is still out in the Independence Line in District Five. Look for the endorsed candidates to win though. I bet those candidates that didn't send letters to the absentee voters are wishing that they did now.

County Leg, District Six Democratic Line
Congratulations to Mike Madsen and Jeanette Provenzano on a closely contested election for the Democratic Line. In the end Frank Dart was not the winner. While we have been very critical of Frank Dart in recent weeks, the election is over now and the voters have spoken. We would like to thank Frank Dart for his many years of service and contributions to the City of Kingston and the County of Ulster.

County Leg, District Seven
Independence Line
Top vote getters are Lomita, Petit and Pitcock, but absentees remain to be counted Terpening and Befiglio could still be in the race after the absentees are counted. Ditto on the absentee letters. I hope all the candidates were on top of them. It really is Campaign Strategy 101, you have to send the absentee voters a letter and ask for their vote.

County Leg, District Eight
Republican, Conservative and Independence Lines
Congratulations to Ken Ronk (TOP vote getter in Leg Dist 8), Cathy Terrizzi and Jack Hayes. Virtually no one in Ulster County thought that these three candidates could prevail over Noonan in all three primaries. Through hard work and dedicated campaigning they did win all three primaries with solid majorities. Thanks to Glenn Noonan for his many years of service to Ulster County.


Anonymous said...

You do manage to scoop the competition. Good job, again. Congrats to the winners.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Mike.

Anonymous said...


Behave like Dart, Get booted like Dart!!!

Anonymous said...

The Moron Glenn Noonan lost too. See you later, Asshole. Rejoice!!!

Maybe the general voting public is not as sheepish as I've been led to believe?

Baaaaah Baaaaaaah;)

Anonymous said...

Boy, its great to see that big time ASSHOLE Frank Dart get beat!! Thank God we dont have to listen or read anymore retarded comments coming out of his piehole anymore! LOL

Anonymous said...

Dart and Noonan have almost 40 years combined service in the Legislature. Public service is a thankless job and it is a shame that people put themselves in a position to go out the way Dart and Noonan will. How come that happens so often?

Noonan alienated everyone with his caustic,argumentative personality. I am 99.9% sure Dart just became a little too much work for most people. Too much controversy, too much politicking, too much influence from some of the nasty people he associates with.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Mike? ???

Happy in District 8 said...

I, like many, in District 8 knew Glenn Noonan was done - MORTE !!

He buried himself with his childish, nasty antics & Good Riddance.

Ken Ronk & Kathy Terrizzi have proven themselves on the County level & Jack Hayes will be a nice conservative voice there in the Glass Menagerie. Sorely Needed.

BYE-Bye Noonan Ding Dong, The Wicked Witch is dead !

He even used his poor young daughter in his losing battle, tried to register a complaint about broken voting machines when she was too stupid to know how the machines work.

S A D !!!

Anonymous said...

Great to see Sottile's boy Halwick lose. He would have been Sottile's new DiBella... Clement or Brown voters in ward nine can't lose now. With Madsen moving in to the county building is another win for ward nine.

Anonymous said...

Face it, Terry is there so Len can have his say/vote as a Legislator. Lame. Too bad Manuela Micailescu was her opponent. Terry is the less of 2 evils there. Congrats to Mike Madsen, for beating out Dart. If enough people like him that are willing to put the time needed to get change done CORRECTLY in Ulster County, this may once again be a great place to live. One more step for him now, EVERYONE NEEDS to get out and VOTE !!!

Anonymous said...

Terry Bernardo ran for Legislator 2 years ago before her husband was every in politics.

She was in it first.

You are wrong. He got involved after she did.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Happy in Dist 8 – I’m celebrating with ya, but let’s leave Noonan’s daughter out of it. Whatever you think of Noonan, his daughters are very bright and devoted to their dad. Wouldn’t want it any other way.

The fact that at least one of his daughters was personally invested in working for her dad when no one else would is commendable. She was working hard, defending him in the paper, putting up his signs, making phone calls. I’m guessing she took this loss as hard as he has. Whatever happens, Noonan can take comfort in the fact that he has her love and admiration. Something money and power cannot buy. Noonan should count his blessings.

Anonymous said...

Just a friendly warning to anyone who might care. Sometime when folks get emotionally caught up in a campaign they make rookie mistakes like stealing or damaging lawn signs of their opponents. If someone sees you, follows you and gets your plate number it could be embarrassing to you and the candidate you support if you were charged. People may be willing to let it go one time – but there is a limit.

Anonymous said...

Rumors flying around about some possible fraudulent absentee ballots. The person involved should know better since he has been involved in similar activity before. Some people never learn. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Leave the family out of it scumbag!

Anonymous said...

Frankie sleeps with the fishes...


Anonymous said...

Hey,,,, you da scumbag 7:42am

Noonan dragged her into it by making her try & file a complaint with the BOE when it was his/her stupidity for not knowing how to vote properly.

He brought his family into it when he tried to use the "pity ploy" by signing hwer name to a letter to the editor.

typical of the trash he used from the start of his campaign & his tenure in the Legislature.

He reaps what HE SOWED, schmuck,,,

Cast the stones where they belong, on vanquished Noonan.

Anonymous said...

Coming from Noonan, though, the truth remains that his offspring would tend to behave like he does.

So the rest goes without saying.

Anonymous said...

Noonan is a poor politician granted, but he is a decent man who takes care of his family.

There is a line, and I abhor when some assholes cross it.

Noonan lost. His family is probably very hurt right now. He dedicated a lot of years to public service,more than all of the other candidates COMBINED! He took one for the team when he ran against Kevin Cahill with no chance of winning.

Let the guy go, he didn't kill anyone or anything.

Anonymous said...

Len was involved with the Independence party and Dietrich Werner before Terry ran,

Anonymous said...

No, Len was not "involved with Dietrich" before Terry ran.

He was only a registered member of the party.

When Terry ran, he called Dietrich and asked him to give her the party's endorsement. (which Dietrich said NO to) That is the beginning and end of Len's involvement with Dietrich before Terry ran in 2007.

Anonymous said...

Is Debbie Brown just a puppet for community activist Rebecca Martin?

We need a progressive and independent thinker who will best represent the constituents of ward 9.

We have too many puppeteers pulling the strings of common council members.

Time for a change--vote Clement. He'll work for the people, not for the special interest groups of Rebecca Martin.

Anonymous said...

debbie Brown has been very active in ward meetings the past two years attending and participating in her community meetings. Also, she attends most council and committee meetings at city hall...She is learning the ropes and observing intelligently, I think Im gonna support her!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous 10:05!

You dolt. At 57 yrs old I don't that Deb Brown is anyone's puppet.

The only "special interest groups" that Rebecca Martin works for is the betterment of the City of Kingston. On her own time and on her own dime.

What have you done?

10:05 PM

Anonymous said...

OK 10:05, what a shame you have resorted to insults. Typical of people who feel threatened or do not have the intelligence to respond in a logical manner...

While Ms. Martin has done a lot of good for the city, no one is infallible, and I have seen her push certain issues which have raised concerns among us homeowners over 'common' issues.

If it will make you feel better, I am a dolt and not worthy of your greatness.

Have a nice day. With people like you supporting Deb Brown, it makes it just that much easier voting for Hayes Clement!

Anonymous said...

To commend Deb Brown for attending meetings is laughable. I've seen her at caucuses and committee meetings and she never shuts up. She's either commenting to the council members (it's not her place) or she's chatting with others while "observing". She can't possibly stay informed if she's talking and not listening. Hayes Clement will truly be an asset to the council. He'll be its bright, shining star.

Rebecca Martin said...

Good Lord, 10:05. Are you the same guy posting on Cahill's blog post?

I suppose I should post here what I posted there. You should contact me to clear up your misconceptions of the Common Fire thing. Enough already.


"Hello Rich. Thanks for the post here. Ward 9 is a great race this season thanks to fresh and serious minded candidates.

As for puppetry and personal agendas 2:03pm you don't give the candidates the credit they deserve. Time to get with the program and out of the dark ages. The younger, newer people coming to help make the city better are motivated for other reasons other than politics. I know that is really hard for some to believe.

Where it all ultimately leads - however - is anyone's guess. Let's just hope that those who are leading now outside of the current system and inspiring others to step out and lend a hand will continue to do so.

We'll see.

Signed -

Rebecca Martin
a.k.a. the puppet master"