Friday, September 11, 2009

Primary Election Endorsements

City of Kingston

Ward 9- Hayes Clement (Democrat)

Ulster County

County Court - Don Williams (Independence)

District 1 - Terry Bernardo, Joe Steckler, TJ Briggs, Mary Sheeley (Republican)

District 6 - Mike Madsen, Jeanette Provanzano (Democrat)

District 5 - Brian Cahill, (Independence)

District 8- Ken Ronk, (rep, ind,con,)

GOP State Committeewoman (107th Assembly District) Terry Bernardo


Mayor - Bill Thompson (Democrat)

Public Advocate - Bill Di Blasio (Democrat)

Comptroller- Jon Lu (Democrat)

Manhattan DA - Richard Aborn (Democrat)


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Ward 1 - Katie Scott-Childress - write in on the GOP line

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Anonymous said...

Don Williams is the Richard Nixon of the law--you CAN'T really figure out his personality so don't even try.
Who should want to vote for THAT creep, Blaber? A lesbo civil rights lawyer is MUCH more emotionally stable for me--and ought to be for anyone else than this true creep Williams. The office is too significant to pawn off on this man who presents himself as reasonable but has consistently demonstrated otherwise. He's a fake, a phony, a liar, and a Roman Catholic lunatic to boot. Schneer is simply anathema to the Roman Catholic mind with her lifestyle, but she is spiritually much more in tune with people than that creep Williams--and make no mistake, this man IS a TOTAL CREEP.

Anonymous said...

Hey 6:23
Who? Just what we need, another clueless newcomer who is as liberal as they come. Does she even know where City Hall is?

Anonymous said...

Word is among those who must endure Schneer's endless "learning-on-the-job" antics in County Court right now, that she dozed off during a session one day when she was supposed to be watching/listening/learning. A court room is not a playground, or a training ground. Know the job before you get there or don't bother. Good Lord - I pray Williams will win!

Anonymous said...

Who the heck is Katie Scott-Childress?? Andi Turco-Levin is at all the local gov't meetings and very concerned about the problems in ward 1. Andi gets my vote this year!

Anonymous said...

Even with The Wawarsing "Conservative" Party being hijacked by Wawarsing Town Dems (all town Dems have been endorsed by Conservatives, except registered Conservative Shamro, who wants to run as a Team-mate with Dems), THE PARTY DID ENDORSE BERNARDO, STOECKLER, SHEELEY AND BRIGGS. All four candidates will represent us well!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey people, why is the Democratic candidate Katherine Scott-Childress lobbying for the Republican line in this tues. primary write-in? Andi Turco-Levin is the true Republican candidate. Folks need to write in Levin's name this tuesday in ward 1. Childress is a Liberal Democrat and does not embrace ANY of the Republican values, people.

Anonymous said...

Have u seen Deborah Schneer's website? It is weak.

Anonymous said...

I just checked it out... What sort of amateur website designer has a HORIZONTAL SCROLL?? Pixelated picture of the candidate??? Links on the top that wrap around to the left? Is this the sort of professionalism that we can expect from Judge Schneer, I hope not.

It is bad. Better off down. Does not represent the candidate well at all.

Anonymous said...

Bullet vote Mike Madsen

Anonymous said...

8:43, Why do you hate Catholics so much? Are you a Nazi?

SEIG HEIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did that make you feel better, Adolf?

And no, the Pope is NOT a Nazi.

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I congradulate you. Your endorsement of Don Williams on the Independence line speaks volumes. I thought you were one dimensional with deomocrat blue your only choice. Don is the best choice, thank you..



Anonymous said...

Don Williams is a snake. You cannot trust him. The democrats had better candidates, like Mr. Katz, but we have who we have and regardless of what is being said, INTEGRITY and HONESTY trump overall qualifications and competence, in my opinion.

It just doesn't matter.....we dont need Williams.