Friday, September 25, 2009

Congrats to our next Supreme Court Justice; Judge James P. Gilpatric

Congrats to Judge Gilpatric, who is now the Democratic, Independence and Conservative nominee for Supreme Court Justice and all but assured victory in November.

Judge Gilpatric, a veteran campaigner from the T.R. Gallo days is going to win and win BIG! He will also have some strong coattails that will coast Dems with him, Debra Schneer and Gilda Riccardi got a huge boost today!

  • Current Full-Time Kingston City Court Judge – proudly serving 16th year on City Court bench
  • Established and presides over Domestic Violence Court in Kingston
  • Currently presiding as County Judge over Ulster County Regional Drug Treatment Court
  • 30 Years Experience Representing Clients in NYS Supreme Court
  • Former New York State Supreme Court Confidential Law Secretary for the Honorable Vincent G. Bradley
  • Siena College and Albany Law School Graduate
  • Life-long Hudson Valley resident and voter
  • Past President of the Ulster County Magistrates Association
  • Founding Member of the Ulster County Inter-Agency Domestic Violence Council
  • Board Member of Rural Ulster Preservation Company for more than 17 years
  • Ulster County Mental Health Community Services Board Member and Chair of Substance Abuse Sub-Committee
  • Experienced, qualified, dedicated
  • Involved in the community


Anonymous said...

you forgot your boy Brian Cahill too.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget the Conservative nod as well

Anonymous said...

Any lawyer worth his salt should aspire to a 14 year term as a state supreme court justice.

Anonymous said...

I think the elections in IRAN are fairer than these judicial races.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and good luck Jim! It sucks to lose a good lawyer, but...


Do me a favor (if you read this) and check out Mike Madsen's blog ("Kingston Progressive") - and the associated postings - on the possiblility of inmates working to offset the tax-payer burden...

I think this could be "key" in a number of ways - and deserves (along with some of the other ideas posted) some serious thought and research...

Our best!

Bob and Nancy

the guy who knows things said...

more republicans support Gilpatrick than dems,,, the old school folks will help Jimmy

Nina & Don will benefit more than those other two wannabes,,brungilda & schmear,

Gilpatric is too smart to support the dem candidates for clerk & judge,

you watch, actions will speak louder than words, kids,

it is gonna be NINA & DON come november,,,

i know things,,

Anonymous said...

I agree. With Jimmy at the head of the ticket all candidates get a good boost. Come on Kingston, you hold the key to this election season. We need to move past the divisions that held us back last election cycle.

Anonymous said...

Much luck to Gilpatrick. But NOTHING can boost Schneer!

Anonymous said...

hey 10:49, Gilpatrick by law cannot publicly support (or endorse) ANYONE! You should know that - he's a judge. Too bad Don Williams didn't know that when he stood up and endorsed Nina Postupack.

Anonymous said...

5:20 Wait, is it a sitting judge that can't endorse or a judge candidate?

Anonymous said...

Judges shouldn't even be elected! It's also true that electing a sherrif is unethical. We need to build a wall between these jobs and political corruption. Otherwise we'll just see more of the same.

Anonymous said...

1:46p.m. Both. Williams acknowledged that himself.

Anonymous said...

Judge Gilpatric will make a fine Supreme Court judge. He is fair, honest, and compassionate. He will rule from the bench in the true American tradition of Foster Brooks.

J. Cantine

Anonymous said...

Have a drink on me!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and all the best you deserve it!!!!!!