Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Republicans Hijack Indy Line in Ulster

The Republicans have successfully hijacked the Independence line in the Town of Ulster in an attempt to get rid of Majority Leader Brian Cahill this November, their method was both illegal and unethical and can't be tolerated.

Brian Cahill was the party's choice for the Independence Party, the Republicans orchestrated a way to steal the line by having their supporters fill out absentee ballots and vote for the two GOP candidates in the race.

Election law clearly states if you are in town on election day than you must vote at the polls, at least 7 PEOPLE that voted by absentee in District 5 where in district 5 on election day, there are pictures and proof of this.

We can not allow the GOPs dirty tricks to take out a great public servant, we as Democrats need to get behind and work for Brian Cahill to make sure he returns to the legislature in January.

Republicans, Independents, Democrats and NOPs that live in district 5 should all protest what happened by bullet voting for Brian Cahill this November on the Democratic or working Families party line.

I know there is a strong GOP tidal wave going on in the Town of Ulster and I support the candidate for supervisor on that line but we must be fair have checks and balances and spare one Democratic vote in Ulster for Brian Cahill!

The GOP should be ashamed and voters should be outraged by the win at all cost tactics of the GOP legislative candidates, a SAD day in Ulster County.


Anonymous said...

Bye Bye Cahill now. Too bad, Jeremy!

The GOP is taking back the legislature.

Who will be the Chairman? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm


Anonymous said...

Aren't you supporting the pugs this year?

Anonymous said...

No one ever accused Jim Maloney of being an honest politician. He has been caught before (lying about a notary being present for petitions) and it appears he has no regard for the rules.
Something tells me the voters will support Cahill, he works hard and is a very decent man.

Anonymous said...


Brain Cahill had the opportunity to offer his proof or take it to court. He chose not to do so.

Second, you fail to mention that the voters in question were members of the Independence Party and did support Maloney and Wadnola. If they had gone to the polls instead of voting absentee, Cahill would still have lost.

Maybe you should post that picture of the sour green grapes for you and Brian Cahill.

I also would like to know your comments on Brian Cahill's behavior after he learned he lost. I hear he cursed and swore like a sailor right out in public.

Anonymous said...

Waa Waa Waa. "Hijacked"? Please, it was an opportunity to ballot. They won, get over it. Your theory that someone if a person is in town needs to show up at the polls is completely ridiculous. That has not been enforced in decades, if ever. Most of the absentee ballots that come in are from Seniors that are in town the day of the election and certainly could go to the polls, but choose the absentee ballot option instead because it is less of a burden to them. Are they breaking the law? Should their votes not be counted? The voters decided this and Cahill got beat. Stop crying about it. The fact that Cahill got down and kissed Bernardo's ring for their endorsement is irrelevant and it is time you come to realize that. Good to know there is still some independence in the Independence Party. These party committees do not represent the party itself and this is a clear example.

Anonymous said...

there is a strong wave because they have unquailifed people in office and something needs to change
Your boy Nicky and his gang are clueless and are out to see how important they think they can become, not the people.

still one who knows said...


this is exactly what you & yr Hoffay/Kempe loving dems do all the time,

you have NYC weekender -dems voting in NP & woodstock in direct violation of NYS Election Law every year since the Dinkins race in nyc,, i know it & i see it,

stop yer crying,, Politics ain't for cryin sissys, bro,

get over it,,

Esp in Town of Ulster, where Politics is a blood sport,,, high stakes demand high tactics,

Bravo for the GOP/Ind parties,,,


waaaaaahhhhhh,, baby, baby, stick yer head in gravy,,,

James E Quigley 3rd said...

Mr. Blaber,

Wish you were there.

Brian Cahill objected to 7 ballots before the ballot envelopes were opened and counted.

Brian Cahill had the opportunity to walk across the street to the Court House and argue his case in front of the Judge as to why these 7 ballots should not be counted.

Brian Cahill made a decision to open the 7 ballots and count them.

Brian Cahill should have argued the case in front of the Judge IF he had any evidence (as he claims he has) Maloney cheated.

He did not.

Brian Cahill lost because of a bad decision and bad advice.

The November Election is what COUNTS.

Anonymous said...

Having people vote ,via absentee ballot even though they may be in town anyway, is a tactic that is used and whined about by both parties. When the Democrats do it, they call it grass roots organizng.

I gave up on being irritated by Democrats illegally using absentee ballots when I realized there were much larger concerns such as Democrats being registered multiple times in multiple voting districts and zombie voting by the dead.

What is most amusing about your complaint is that many who call themselves Progressives would like all voting to work more like absentee voting.

Anonymous said...

"James E Quigley the 3rd"

Another reason to keep NIcky. We don't need an elitist snob running our town!

Blue Collar Democrat

Anonymous said...

To James Quigley, I totally agree with you.

To Blaber, where was the Dem Attorney - Zweeban who has orchestrated so many dirty tricks? He should have been there to counsel Cahill.

Anonymous said...

1:57.... Zweben was sitting right next to Cahill, so was Parete

Anonymous said...

1:23 - I agree with you that Quigley is an elitist snob, but is really good at what he does. I am going to have to hold my nose and vote for him.

Maloney, I'm not so sure about.

Anonymous said...

9:32 - How is Maloney (who the party DID NOT choose) beating Cahill (who the party did choose) by one vote a "CLEAR EXAMPLE OF PARTY COMMITTEE NOT REPRESENTING THE PARTY ITSELF"....

Isn't that sort of a 50/50 split?

I think that Donnie Williams kicking Deborah Schneer's (excuse me... Judge Schneer's) ass 200 to 75 is a much better "clear example" of the Party Committee making exactly the choices that the "party itself" wanted.

One vote means the party made the wrong endorsement? Are you smoking the same chronic that Hugh Reynolds smokes?

Anonymous said...

Maloney is a low life who walks around as the assessor one minute and a candidate the next. Something is wrong about that. I wonder who those absentee ballots were from? Maybe some big property and/or business owners?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else see a hint of bean spilling in this statement by Quigley?

Brian Cahill lost because of a bad decision and bad advice.

Anonymous said...

Quigley has it right. It is the vote in November that counts and that is where Brian will prevail. Fred Wadnola will be back shilling his restaurant on WGOP each week.

Anonymous said...

From Rihard Cahill's Blog:

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...
To the 3 new posts defending Brian,

1. If a Republican behaved that way, and I was there and heard it, as I did in this case, I would report it.

2. Maloney is not a "serial cheater". That is a bogus charge.

3. "Poo poo"??!! Are you seriously wasting time and space on my blog calling someone "poo poo"?? Uuuuggghhhh!!!

4. Let's see how the election goes because the final say is with the voters. I predict Brian Cahill comes in 3rd and loses the election.

September 24, 2009 5:35 PM

I say, Congrads to Brian Cahill Work Hard you Win, Richard Cahill is the KISS OF DEATH, He couldn't predict rain on a rainy day!!

Anonymous said...

7:49, Maybe Quigley didn't mean to let the cat out of the bag like that, but then again, this is Ulster we are talking about. They eat their young out there.

Quigley didn't deny that Maloney cheated, he only said Brian made a bad decision if he had proof.

Knowing Cahill and knowing Maloney, I have to side with Brian on this one. I only hope it is not too much damage for Brian to win in November. It would be a disgrace if that is what happens because of this.

Anonymous said...

Might as well start it now.

One Vote for Cahill

Beat them at their own game.

Anonymous said...


One vote for Cahill for Mayor in 2011?? Fine.

Anonymous said...

"still one who knows" doesn't.


Anonymous said...

The Independence party is a piece of shit party anyway. Anyone who truly thinks that they are somehow being "INEPENDENT" and voting for this party are smoking crack!!!!

Anonymous said...

Check the employees of the BOE some of them voted absentee doesn't Turco know the law and what about the people that do not live in the county that voted by absentee. I guess the BOE is the next dept Auerbach should look at

Anonymous said...

One vote by a write in candidate! that is why it is a clear example of the committee being out of touch. It was an opportunity to ballot. If the guy with his name on the ballot loses to a guy whose name is not on the ballot, but written in by the voters, then that is a clear example that the Independence Committee in the Twn of Ulster did not have a very good handle on the wishes of the rank and file party members. It rarely if ever happens.

Anonymous said...

7:49 - there's no bean spilling at all. It was obvious: Cahill conferred with Zweben and Parete who advised him to allow the ballots to be opened vs. challenging them. That was bad advice; hence the bad decision. But here's some good advice for Cahill: dump Zweben.

Anonymous said...

Obviously Brian Cahill and his distinguised brother are smoking hot at the sorry political situation in the town of Ulster.

But if they are angry at Maloney and Wadnola, they are way off target. Zweben and Woerner and a developer named Aaron and a handful of Democrats are to blame for the current mess.

Anonymous said...

You leave my boy Stevie out of this!!! Sure he tried to knock me off for $$$, but I love him with all my heart and he's a pillar of the community.

Stevie's Momma

Anonymous said...

EVERYONE in Ulster knows what a nasty person Maloney is so this does not surprise anyone.

Who ever said Maloney leverages his position as Assessor to intimidate people into doing things like submit illegal absentee ballots was 100% correct, it is well known. He should not be able to hold office if he is the assessor.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing causes a accounting problem. The large donation that was made to the Indepence Party chairs (State & Local)by Brian's brother might have to be refunded. Brian should have got two more people out to vote instead of waisting time calling people to see if they were home. THREE of the SEVEN final votes were for BRIAN.

Anonymous said...

15 votes came from the head trauma center what does that tell you? It was Catalano"s family

Anonymous said...

I love how the Repugs justify cheating by saying someone should have "worked harder" or done this or that. The cheating part is OK, if they can get away with it.

Bottom line, if Maloney doesn't cheat, he doesn't win by one vote. Honestly, isn't that the real issue here?

Maloney is a serial cheater. He has been caught before, and looks like he was caught again. Once a low life, always a low life. I will tell everyone I know in Ulster about this and I hope Maloney is out in the cold on election day.

Anonymous said...

You can download an absentee ballot application from the State Board of Elections website. Where it asks why you need an absentee ballot, the answer begins "In good faith I expect to be absent on election day due to" and follows with a list of choices for acceptable reasons.

The key words here are "In good faith" and "I expect". There are no absolute requirements. People mail in their absentee ballots ahead of time. What if something prevents them from leaving the area? Their car breaks down. They get sick. A death in the family. They can't now go and vote in person because they already sent in their vote.

So, (according to you) their absentee shouldn't be counted because they thought they would be gone but they're not. They can't vote at the polls. Those voters have now been denied the right to vote.

Absentee ballots are not about the rights of the politicians or the parties. They're about the rights of the voters. Screw the politicians.

You really think those people would have voted for someone else if they had voted in person?

Cahill lost because he didn't have enough votes. There was no cheating.

Anonymous said...

Jim Maloney beware, they may be coming after you next.

Anonymous said...

Maloney is full of Baloney ;)

Anonymous said...

Jim, are those footsteps getting louder?

Anonymous said...

They are getting louder and louder....

Anonymous said...

It was the late Judge Bradley who had a chance to kick Maloney's ass by knocking him off the ballot some years ago for conflict of interest. He wouldn't do it, which was rather incredible to me as per the actual issue. My theory as it always is is that Catholic blood is thicker than anything, and Bradley was yet another sorry sop in his life in this way. More clownery is covered up with these pathetic alliances.
And if I were Sennett's wife or Sennett, I'd throw a drink in Sottile's face for the mess he's creating in the city as well. Shame on all the bunch of rotten political corrupt scum out there. Kingston will remain dogland for the next thousand years because of it all.
Thank God we all have Jeremy Blaber, he's such a nice, sweet, and laid back dude that feeds off our collective political conscience too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Man, Nice Shot!

Phil T. Err

Anonymous said...

Sorry 4:06 but, Bradley DID rule Maloney holding both jobs was a conflict of interest.

But like usual, Maloney found some greasy little hole to crawl through to get his way.

The appellate court ruled that John Parete did not have standing and therefore overturned Bradley's ruling that Maloney had to leave one of the jobs.

Someday the voters or the authorities will have just about enough of this dishonest politician and send him packing once and for all.

Joe Toscano said...

I can't believe all the comments complaining about the outcome of the Independent primary. I wonder how many of those commenting could have voted in the primary and didn't but are still complaining
Only one guy got it right, it's not about the politicians, it's about the voters, once we get that right we'll get the representatives we deserve. If we continue to let the chosen few make back room deals and approve of all the game playing the town county state and nation will remain the cesspool it is today.
Forget Party loyalty, you do yourself a great injustice for when push comes to shove, party loyalty swings one way, and it isn't in favor of the citizen!
Vote the candidate, Jim Quigley is a stand up guy, Jim Maloney campaigned harder than Brian did and if Brian is dumb enough to rely on the likes of a-holes like Zweben, ( if you rub elbow with a piece of sh*t, you're gonna get some of it on you), then He deserves what he gets. Besides if he had all the proof he's a fool for not going public or before a judge.
There is more here than meets the eye.
We need new faces all the way from Town Hall to the both houses of congress, that is the change we need, that is the change we can have, forget Party loyalty, vote the candidate, shake the chains that keep you enslaved, trust no one, educated yourself about the issues, find out where the money is coming from, ie, the lobbyist who corrupt our entire form of government, from washington with big pharma to town hall & Steve Aaron for they are the only one's getting representation.
A little Revolution is a good thing,
And while you're at it stop supporting a corrupt press until they live up to the principles that protect them.
It is still your country, you just need to act like a 1st class citizen and not a 3rd rate loser

Anonymous said...

I just heard the Town's budget #'s and Nick is using the budget to save a few votes, the trouble is it's bogus, he's borrowing from the UPD to cover his shortfall and he's banking on working a little harder next year if he can only get re-elected.
Either way it's a slap in the face to all resident's of the town and this sleight of hand tactic won't fool anyone, NICK we know what you are, just ask Uncle Stevie and Zweben, truth is you gotta go boy, you've sh*t on us too long, you've treated us like a door mat and gave the keys to the treasury to the good ol' boys at our expense.
We know the sales tax numbers are down, big time, we know the mortgage tax #'s are down big time, we know the overtime at UPD is up , again, all your shenanigans can't fool us anymore.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeremy, are you claiming to be a democrat AGAIN, I thought I saw you wearing Quigley/Morrow/Hendrick buttons and handing out Republican Material at the COnservative Caucus last month?
Which is it Dem, Rep, Indy or conservative or are you just one more spineless political wanna be who does and says things for political expedience?
Don't you dare insult us, take your blog/spin machine down to Brooklyn and stay there, the air up here is beginning to stink!

Anonymous said...


re=elect Nick!!!

Anonymous said...

I think (:04 really means RE-JECT NICK and I hear more hate in his few words than in all the prior comments in this thread! SO 9:04 GO F__K YOURSELF!

Anonymous said...

There is too much Hate in the town of Ulster. I have had republicans spraypaint swastikas on my barn, I know who they are. Some of them are running for office this time.

The Democrats are no better.

Jay Silverstein

Anonymous said...

To Joe Toscano:

If you knew Brian Cahill you would know why he did not make his proof public. Calling him stupid and a fool,is the opposite of the man I know him to be.

First of all, he would never drag an innocent person into a court room or put them up for public ridicule. I guarantee the people who did what has been posted here did not know they were violating any law when they did it. Cahill, unlike Maloney, would never jeopardize friendships or turn innocent people into victims by doing something so selfish for the sake of a vote, even if it meant he would lose an election. It is called ethics and decency, something Maloney knows nothing about.

Zweben was there as the Democratic County Election attorney. That would be the extent of their relationship, ask anyone. His regular attorney, his brother Kevin, was out of town. Don't let the truth get in the way of a good bullshit story though Joe.

Just because Cahill did not make his proof public does not mean it did not happen. Ask Maloney yourself if there is any chance of this being true. I know Cahill has proof becuase I have seen it with my own two eyes. Maloney knows it is true too.

If you want new faces from Washington to the town hall, how do Fred Wadnola and Jim Maloney fit that bill? Honestly, Fred Wadnola and new faces should never be spoken in the same sentence. Maloney has 4 years as a Legislator, what is new about that?

Joe, you are a blow hard. You always were a blow hard and always will be a blow hard. You were a blow hard when you were pumping up Nickie Woerner 4 years ago while you ridiculed Republicans, Wadnola and Maloney included, and you were a blow hard when you were putting that piece of shit anti Democrat newspaper out with Guido last election.

You use a lot of words and you have a lot to say but you would never be man enough to put our name on the ballot line. You would be found out to be nothing more than a big mouthed blow hard who is all talk and no action.