Tuesday, September 29, 2009

De Blasio and Liu pull off HUGE VICTORIES thanks to WFP

Bill DeBlasio wins runoff for NYC Public Advocate against Mark Green
John Liu wins runoff for NYC Comptroller against David Yassky


Anonymous said...

Good Riddance to Green!!!!


Anonymous said...

SCARY, very SCARY !!!

The WFP is all Union controlled, with only their selfish interests @ heart, not the people.

Liu is a lyin puppet & he scares me.

NYC is in for a sad wake-up & soon.

Mayor Bloomberg is NYC's only true hope for progress.

Print this JB or lose all credibility, bro !

Anonymous said...

• The Working Families Party, once derided as a ragtag collection of Brooklyn progressives, is now the pre-eminent political force in New York City politics, replacing a forlorn, disorganized Democratic Party. Its candidates for City Council won by healthy margins; and it can now claim victories in the second and third highest offices in the city, public advocate (Mr. de Blasio) and comptroller (Mr. Liu).

bd said...

i knew you wouldnt post an honest opposing opinion, like i tried to post.

shame on you ,, JB,,, SHAME -


Anonymous said...

Who cares? NYC is quickly becoming a has-been city, with no real prospects for pulling itself out of the gutter.

Time for everyone north of Yonkers to secede and become the State of North York. Let the Worm Ridden Apple sink or swim in its own.

Anonymous said...

Now get WFP endorsed Dart to drop out and support Madsen.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you, JB, for posting 4:34's comments.

It is an opinion many of us share.

bravo for posting it,