Monday, January 11, 2010

Crime Rate Up in Kingston?!?!

Serious crime in Kingston is up 6 percent in Kingston, oh my! While everyone is ready to attack the police chief and talk about him "giving excuses" as one person put it, Chief Keller is a stand up guy and his department is doing a great job getting the skells off the street and cleaning up midtown Kingston.

The FBI statistics, this report that comes out once a year that the Freeman reports on is not really an accurate way to look at the crime rate. For one, it does not take into account drug crimes or quality of life crimes, it also puts petty larceny in the same category as a homicide or a rape. Which really was the attributing factor in why the numbers went up, you had a kid that committed a slew of robberies in early 2009. Rape went down by about 400% as opposed to last year btw.

And lets look at the numbers:

• 122 burglaries, up from 116 in 2008.

• Two rapes, down from five.

• 26 assaults, up from 17.

• 510 larcenies, the same number as in 2008.

• 30 motor vehicle thefts, up from 22.

These are not big increases and while we can always do better, Kingston still remains a great place to live, work and raise a family. I applaud Chief Keller and the entire Kingston Police Department for their handwork in keeping everyone safe.


Anonymous said...

Crime be goin up speccialy when the 4 block be comin from e-ville to k-town.

Blood up, Bitchaz!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

If you were offered $1000 to convince someone living in California to move to Kingston, could you do it? I don't think even the Mayor could convince anyone. Kingston has become a shithole.

Anonymous said...

4 bloc don't have a whip that will make it ta ktown

Anonymous said...

Wednesday @ 5:17 -

Where is the unmasking og the blogger that you promised ??

Come on JB,, give him up !!!

Anonymous said...

Yo Yo my 98 Bonneville made it to Stone Ridge last Week. Soon as I be rollin my new 24's Im gonna ghost ride my whip right down Franklin Street.