Monday, January 18, 2010

Help Send Martha Coakly To the US Senate

We need to send this fine public servant to the US Senate to help President Barack Obama, this is a tight race and the GOP is in full force with their lies and propaganda! I'm heading to Mass tonight to help in this historic election to replace Senator Edward Kennedy, you can help by making phone calls on her the below link and you will be directed to Attorney General Coakly's campaign website to make calls on her behalf. Just 30 minutes of your day would mean so much to this country, we can't afford to lose this seat while health care reform and other important legislation is on the table. President Obama needs your help!


Massachusetts Senate - Special Election

Polling Data

PollDateSampleBrown (R)Coakley (D)Spread
ARG1/15 - 1/17600 LV5245Brown +7
Daily Kos/R20001/15 - 1/17500 LV4848Tie
PJM/CrossTarget (R)1/17 - 1/17574 LV5242Brown +10
PPP (D)1/16 - 1/171231 LV5146Brown +5
InsideMedford/MRG1/15 - 1/15565 LV5141Brown +10
PJM/CrossTarget (R)1/14 - 1/14946 LV5439Brown +15
ARG1/12 - 1/14600 LV4845Brown +3
Blue Mass Group/R2000 (D)1/12 - 1/13500 LV4149Coakley +8
Suffolk/7News1/11 - 1/13500 LV5046Brown +4
Rasmussen Reports1/11 - 1/111000 LV4749Coakley +2
PPP (D)1/7 - 1/9744 LV4847Brown +1
Rasmussen Reports1/4 - 1/4500 LV4150Coakley +9
Boston Globe1/2 - 1/6554 LV3653Coakley +17
Suffolk11/4 - 11/8600 RV2758Coakley +31
Western NE College10/18 - 10/22342 LV3258Coakley +26
Suffolk9/12 - 9/15500 RV2454Coakley +30


Anonymous said...

Funny how these Mass. people all suddenly hate healthcare reform when they themselves don't need it. If they didn't have a state system to keep them from falling through the cracks I bet they'd think differently. Disgusting display of selfishness on this issue. If Brown wins, they'll be paying the price for six years.

Anonymous said...

I worked on the Brown campaign and really hope he skunks her. She is completely out of touch with the mass. voters to the point of insulting red sox nation

Anonymous said...

You actually want Coakley? With her ridiculous and inappropriate comments??. I hear she is "phoning in" her campaign thinking that she can ride on the coat tails of a Kennedy and doesn't really have to campaign. Perhaps she is counting on people like yourself to do her campaigning. Yeah, Let's all go to Massachusetts and get the job done. Puhleeeze. Scott Brown for Senator. Break the stranglehold of the democratic party.

Anonymous said...

It'a gotta kill you Blaber that Teddy the Swimmer's seat is going to a Republican...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA SCOTT BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!
I see other things happening closer to home in 2010..

Rep. George Phillips
Gov. Lazio
Sen. Pataki

Finally WE THE PEOPLE are rejecting 60s left wing radicals.. The Second Reagan Revolution is beginning.


Cal the Conservative

Anonymous said...


Haiti is destroyed....
The Jets could actually win the Super Bowl....
A REPUBLICAN is going to win the MASS Senate race.

All things are possible....good and bad.. Things are never as consistant or predictable as they ever appear.


Anonymous said...

If Coakley wins, she will have a Kennedy to thank, that being the Ron Paul-Teabagger-Libretarian Candidate Joe Kennedy (no relation to the Bootlegger Irish Mafia Clan). You'd have to think that had ole Joe not been in the race, Scott Brown could have picked up most of the 3-4 points he's pulling.

I still think Scott Brown will pull out a victory.. by 4 points.

Creskin Zogby

ScootBrownTakingTheTown said...

Its not going to be tight at all. Brown all the way. Martha is amazingly incompetent and immoral.

Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding me, Mass Healthcare is a joke, it is failing and the citizens of the state know that on a national level it will bankrupt the country, Oh we're already bankrupt, excuse me!
Jeremy, just the fact that Brown is such a favorite should tell you that we've had enough and the good people in Massachusetts of all places will put the country back in the hands of the people!

Anonymous said...

She has run a compleltely lackluster campaign and desrves to lose. This idea that Democrats can just say "I support Obama" and win their elections is a joke, even in Mass. She has not espoused one indiependent idea during her entire campaign.

Anonymous said...

I did not think you would put an opposing view up.I will be laughing at you when Brown wins today

Anonymous said...

If Brown wins, I hope the state of Mass. acts quickly and promises not to make Brown wait one day longer than Al Franken waited! Fair is fair after all.

Anonymous said...

Afraid to post a comment I made yesterday against your candidate, Martha? Still looking for that posting. Or perhaps you are in Mass. helping out the campaign??

Anonymous said...

Right on, 4:10. They send us people also to soak off the taxpayers, and yet if any one of us goes there, eg, to Lahey Clinic, they put us down by calling it "New Yok Welfayyyahhhh." They've done this for so long they have no other way to think.
Self-centered CREEPS.

Anonymous said...

So sorry for the loss. NOT!!!

Anonymous said...

"There's got to be a morning after"
IT's a warmer, friendlier sunrise, a less divided electorate and a brighter future for the country.
There a millions of red faced democrats in blue states all over the Nation today.
You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time!
November isn't that far away and there are millions of 'We the Peoples' newly energized and invigorated with a common purpose, ie: we will not let the efforts of Scott Brown fade, we will carry his message to Albany and on to Washington DC!
see: for a better understanding of why this new wind is blowing!

Anonymous said...

Quickest way to end your campaign?

Ans. Get Blaber involved in it.

one who is loving it said...


How is that working out for ya today ??

The People have SPOKEN !!

VOX Populii

Anonymous said...

The Democrats need to listen long and hard to the voters. Mass. NJ and Virginia are strong messages.

As a Democrat I don't think much good can happen unless we get a backbone and most of all unify as a party. The county is a good place to start. The intraparty squabbles have got to end.

Anonymous said...

One more loser you backed
when will you ever learn?