Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cuomo Getting Money From Big Names

Andrew Cuomo's $16 million filing is online, and, presumably, being combed over by operatives and reporters throughout New York.

Here's a few tidbits I found:

Jerry Speyer donated $50,000; half on July 17, the other half on October 13.

Wendy Neu, a major Democratic donor, also gave $25,000.

Peter Kalikow gave $10,000.

Donald Trump donated a total of $6,000.

Harvey Weinstein gave $5,000.

Barbara Streisand gave $1,000.

Michael Regan, a spokesman for News Corp. confirmed that a July 16, 2009 donation for $4,000 in Andrew Cuomo's filing is from News Corp.


Anonymous said... where is the balance of the 16 Million coming from, Blabs? Maybe "more digging" is needed...just a thought...

Anonymous said...

Money talks and BS walks in politics

Anonymous said...

So if money talks and BS walks, does that mean those of us who have neither remain quiet and inert.

one who truly remembers said...

It is the money $$$ we don't see or hear about that bothers me -
Cuome the Elder , has so many DIRTY supporters, made men, connected to organised crime, that money ya never see -
look up the mob's place in the Javitt's Center fiascos,, the window washing fraud, Fabian Pallomino's removal for just cause & just the neighborhood where Cuomo the Elder lives in Queens. an enclave of dirty money -

That apples fell right next to Daddy's tree -


Anonymous said...

We hear that Junior Gotti pitched in a few Hundred G's