Saturday, January 16, 2010

Harold Ford Jr.

This is the guy to the be the next junior Senator from New York. A really bright articulate guy that will do wonders for NYS. Expect to hear a lot more from Ford in the coming months as he introduces himself to voters.


Anonymous said...

The guy's a rightwing bible thumping moron. Definitely wrong for NY.

Anonymous said...

He's a good candidate...if you're Rush Limbaugh.

Anonymous said...

A conservative Dem from Tennessee? Dream on.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a tool. I am glad you are backing him, that means he will lose.

Anonymous said...

Pro-life, pro-gun, anti immigrant, works for Merrill Lynch(owned by Bank of America), lives in the hotsey totsey Regency Hotel and never visited Staten Island. He doesn't have a chance in this state. A smooth operator who blows in the wind.

Anonymous said...

Where do you find these people, JB??

Anonymous said...

Haven't we had enough of ambitious politicians from across the country moving to New York and then deciding that they want to represent us?

It is only after they decide to represent us that they go out on tour and listen to us at listening tours. Then they mold their positions to what they hear on their tours.

The problem is that when they do not have time to go out and solicit the opinions of those they represent, when it comes to making a decision on the fly, they are not New Yorkers, they have not spent their lives living amongst New Yorkers and therefore they vote in accordance with their own beliefs rather than the beliefs that they are supposed to represent.

What, don't we have any real New Yorkers who we can send to Washington. That's right, our present senior Senator is Brooklyn through and through and our present junior Senator, although lacking in some areas, is also a New Yorker. As a New Yorker, she knows her fellow New Yorkers a whole lot better than someone from Tennessee.

I am sure Mr. Ford is intelligent, charming and articulate but why should he represent us when the only thing he knows about us is what he reads in newspapers and what he hears on tour.

SB said...

Wow, you've just lost a lot of credibility in my eyes backing this pro-DOMA idiot. . .As long as he's got a (D) next to his name though I guess it doesn't make a difference right? Another reason to reinforce my choice to leave the Democratic Party. This party can't be taken seriously anymore.

Anonymous said...

Another opportunist, like Hillary, he couldn't win in his own state so he's bringing his bullsh*t up here.
I think even NYS voters are too smart to fall for this a second time!
Jeremy when are you gonna' figure things out, the wind blowing all the way from Cape Cod and it isn't blowing in the Dem's favor.

Anonymous said...

I have always admired Harold Ford for his courage to speak out on issues, even in a very rough state like TN - a black senator from that racist state is a huge accomplishment -
my only problem with the former Senator is that when his "friend" Don Imus was in trouble, Ford didn't stand up for him, as many truly brave friends did,,

but, having said that, as a independent thinking voter, i could pull the lever for him, no problem,, a man of intelligence, INDEPENDENCE & a free thinker,

not a puppet like Gillibrand is for the lefties,, even tho she got elected by being a conservative Dem,
No Guts - No Glory

Ford has the G U T S to go all the way & finally give true NY'rs a voice -

one who knows said...

After reading these comments from the wacko-lefties here, i endorse Harold Ford even more,,

5:45 - 6:15 - 10:28 - 11:35 -

four reasons to support the former Senator from Tennessee -

these are the worst the Dems have to offer - idiots - knee-JERK libs,, FEH !!

grow some balls & think for yrself - cretins,

Dan said...

He is even more of a carpetbagger than Hillary. Not impressed.

Anonymous said...

One who knows, knows very little. He should call himself the ignoramus instead.

Anonymous said...

I have huge balls and I don't need to grow more. This guy is not representative of the Democrats in NYS. He does not represent the values or beliefs that NY Democrats believe in.

Now you Republicans and Conservatives may not like that, but this guy does not fit well with NY Democrats.

Anonymous said...

One who knows infinitely more than 12:32 says- Ford is a spoiler put up by right-wingers and luddites in the manner of Vince Bradley. His only purpose is to take money from fools and give Republicans a handicap.

Anonymous said...

Anything Democrat is going to lose, be it Gillibrand, Ford, Cuomo, Kennedy, or even Roosevelt.

2010 is the year of the Republican.

If Harold Ford wants to run as a Republican, that's [1] more vote against Harry Ried or that dimwit from Illinois DICK Dungrbin who will take over once Harry goes down in his own state.

So run Run as a Republican!!!!


Anonymous said...

The only reason not to vote for Ford is because you are a racist.

Anonymous said...

Yes, 5:32. The Democratic party should run only Black candidates for every office nationwide and then enact legislation making it a hate crime not to vote for minorities.

Rev. Al Dullton