Monday, January 04, 2010

Supervisor Jim Quigley
Ulster County Court Judge Don Williams


Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh, not even 1 week into the Quigley Administration and already we will saving 100K on insurance and generating more revenue for the town by putting cell phone towers on the new water tower.


one who knows said...

I was present for Don Williams' swearing in ceremony & it was a class act.

Judge Kavanagh's comments said it all about the fine line of D.A.s & Judges he follows, & the tradition in Ulster County.
Alan DeForest had fine things also, being Don's friend since Jr High school,,

Judge Williams (man it feels good to say that )spoke eloquently about a Dream fulfilled, & thanked everyone from his Wife, Ann, his children, Rich Croce, Butch Dener,Alan MAsters & many other of his campaign committee.

The Courtroom was filled to overflowing, keeping Election Commish Tom Turco in the hall but Mike Hein was front row,, down the aisle from Hinchey, Judge Peters, Judge Mizell, Judge Decker & Judge Kirschner, too,, oh yeah, ol' man Feeney too,

Mario C , Quigley, Len Bernardo, Zimet Auerbach & the Sheriff & the Under & his hideous sister, DeGroodt,

Interesting room filled with ring-kissers, tush kissers, posers, wanna-be's & losers & winners,,,

Nina Postupack was seated with Elliott, way across the room from the trio of Zimet, Len & Terri Bernardo ( they came together, ) - funny stuff,,