Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dan Cantor Named Number 6, On NY Observers' Top Ten Biggest Players in NY Politics

WFP party boss Dan Cantor made the NY Observer's top ten biggest players list. Number 5: Senator Kirstin Gilibrand and number 6: Congressman Anthony Wiener.

1. The WFP received 154,847 votes for Andrew Cuomo on its line, 8,201 more than the Independence Party, moving it up the ballot from line "E" to line "D." (The Conservative Party will occupy line "C.")

2. Both in terms of raw vote totals and percentage of the overall vote, the WFP received more votes on its line for statewide candidates than in any previous election. WFP voters accounted for more than 4% of total turnout for the first time in the party's 12-year history.

3. 183,707 New Yorkers voted for Charles Schumer on the Working Families Party line, more than have voted WFP for any other candidate since the party's creation. (158,891 voted WFP for Obama in ’08; 155,184 voted WFP for Spitzer in ’06; and 51, 325 voted for Peter Vallone in the party’s 1998 inaugural election.)

4. WFP voters also turned out strongly for Comptroller Tom DiNapoli (182,983 WFP votes), Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (182,648), and Attorney General-elect Eric Schneiderman (178,850), each of whom also received more than 4% of all votes cast in their races from the WFP line.

5. In New York City, the Working Families Party was the third largest vote-getter of any party, receiving nearly half as many votes as the Republican Party, and more than double the vote of any other minor party. (The WFP vote total in NYC, 76,953, was 42% of the Republican vote in the city.)

6. The WFP received 50% of its votes from Upstate New York and the suburbs of New York City, and 50% from NYC. Especially strong growth in WFP turnout occurred in Suffolk County and the Hudson Valley.

7. The WFP achieved these impressive results on a shoestring budget, spending just 1/8 of what the party spent in the 2006 election to contact and mobilize voters. WFP Executive Director Dan Cantor was not all smiles, however.
“Another 16,293 votes and Matt Damon would’ve put on that Yankees cap for us, and that would have been sweet.” Cantor was referring to the video challenge made by actor/activist Matt Damon about his willingness - even though a lifelong Red Sox fan - to wear a Yankees cap should the WFP crack the 200,000 vote barrier in this election.

“There’s always next year,” said the downtrodden Mr. Cantor.Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/dailypolitics/2010/12/todays-ballot-news-is-brought.html#ixzz187u7Dvxg

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Pete Healey said...

If I was Dan Cantor, I wouldn't want people to know I was on that list. This group of "players" are some of the most corrupt politicians in the country. But I'm starting my own list and here it is:
- Billy Larkin, for taking a 90% raise($74,000) on his base salary for the next two years and claiming he's entitled to it.
- The other ten legislators who did what Billy did, that is, take 75% and 85% and 100% raises on their base salaries, and laying off 900 state workers while they did it! About $800,000 total, which could have saved what, about 20 of those jobs? Nah, screw 'em, screw 'em all!
- The UCRRA board, which one month throws out a corrupt boss who plays "grab-ass" with women employess, then gives an extra $31,500 to the interim boss, because he has to work a few extra hours per week? Really?!?!
- To the Ulster County Legislature, which will deny tens of thousands to worthy organizations feeding the hungry and housing the homeless and rubber-stamp the handing over of those tens of thousands of dollars to a "loyal Democrat" for a patronage job that will have him on the links three days a week.
- To Dan Cantor, who belongs on this list because you'll never hear that "progressive voice" calling out Denny Farrell for taking an extra $88,000 in salary next year just because he can.