Monday, December 27, 2010

Quote of the Week

“I will fight tooth and nail to be able to protect our business communities so that people have jobs while simultaneously going nose to nose, whether it is Albany or Washington to make sure that unfunded mandates don’t overly burden our local taxpayers.”

- County Executive Mike Hein


Da BOSS said...

Sure this guy is still a Democrat? Did the Dems trade straight-up.. Hein for Pettite..I mean Petit ;)

Da Boss

Anonymous said...

Good for Mike Hein, a damn good Democrat and Executive.

Anonymous said...

I heard Mike Hein uptown talking about Blaber finally getting it and towing the line. That is what he thinks of you, he is not your friend, he just wants to control you. Im not kidding, he was at the market basket talking with two other people as I was in line.

Jeremy Blaber said...

I support Mike Hein becasue I beleive he is doing a good job and I don't forget he supported me when I ran for school board. I don't tow any line for the executive nor do I think he feels that way. Any conversation that was overheard, I take with a grain of salt, it's easy to get information confused or hear what you want to hear.

I have not agreed with everything Executive Hein has done and there have been times when Mike was less than happy with me, overall I think he is an exellent County Executive.

Anonymous said...

Come on Jeremy, it's not that you think that Hein has done such a great job as Executive. You are mesmerized by Hein's piercing eyes, good looks, and seduced by his power.