Thursday, December 02, 2010

SHOCKER Senator Leibell In Hot Water

State Senator and Putnam County Executive elect Vincent Leibell will resign from office tomorrow and will not be assuming his new role as executive in January. Rumors of federal corruption charges are being thrown around but it's unknown yet.
ny dailynews update
Longtime Sen. Vincent Leibell (R-Putnam County) has told friends he is preparing to plead guilty to end a federal investigation into him.
Sources told the DN's Ken Lovett and Glenn Blain that Leibell will plead guilty to felony bribery and money laundering charges relating to non-profit foundations he controls and land deals that were arranged through those foundations.
Among the land deals was construction of a large house for the eight-term senator.
The guilty plea will resolve a indictment that is about to be unsealed, the sources said..
Leibell, who was set to leave office at the end of the end of the year to become Putnam County executive, instead retired a month early from the Senate. His resignation takes effect tomorrow.
He also agreed not to take office as county executive in January. He already has informed the chairman of the Putnam County Legislature of his decision.

"He has some pretty major problems he's dealing with," said a longtime friend who was informed of the decision. "His position is going to be untenable to continue in pubilc life."
One source said he was told directly by Leibell that he would be pleading guilty to a crime. Another source said as part of the deal, he'll serve less than two years in prison.
It's been reported that the FBI had subpoenaed records pertaining to a large home Leibell had built.

The U.S. Attorney's Office had no comment this morning.
Leibell and his office did not return calls for comment.
It will be up to the Putnam County Legislature to choose an executive.


Anonymous said...

Copy & pasting from the Daily News Now are we, your intro sounds as though you uncovered a story, the body is fresh from the pages of the daily news, at least mention the source. Blaber you are an idiot and an opportunist. you have me "cracking up"!

Jeremy Blaber said...

You have me cracking up my friend, I postedu nder what I wrote ny daily news update and than copied the story with the author's name and a link to the daily news story, what more do you want from me? hahaha, I mean really.

Anonymous said...

To 5:13 anonymous
Blaber gave credit where credit was due. He mentioned both the source and credited the writer.
Great Caesar's Ghost

Anonymous said...

Thank you Blabber for posting the truth about this scumbag. I read the story on the midhudsonnews site earlier yesterday, but it was a puff piece and had only mention of that guilty-boy was not going to assume the office next month, but told nothing about the charges. Still, I was left wondering why? Sure the DAILY NEWS had the article, but many sites point to other sources...look at how popular the Drudgereport is. So, 5:13 anonymous is a kook who drinks the kook-aid.

Clint Brown's Love Child #2

Anonymous said...

Don't drop the soap in the pokey.

Hopefully Senators Larkin and Bonacic will be bunking together with Senator Libel at the club fed soon.

Elliot Ness

Anonymous said...

Obviously corruption runs deep in New York. I wonder who will be next. This is number four elected official going down?