Monday, December 27, 2010

Preparing for the Cuomo Swearing In!!!!!!!

Let me tell you Andrew Cuomo is gunna be a great Governor! I have two tix to the Cuomo swearing in cerimony, email me if your intrested becasue I can't make it. I went to Eliot Spitzer's and it is a cerimony that you don't want to miss.

(Photo courtesy of the Hon. Marcus Molinaro, Assemblyman 103)


Anonymous said...

Hey jeremy, I understand Joe Roberti wants the tickets but he is afraid to contact you. Maybe someone can mediate the misunderstanding between you guys. There is a rumor that Roberti is gonna jump ship from the republicans.

Jeremy Blaber said...

Aww, too bad. I gave the tix away to a much nicer person anyway.

on my way out, said...

The Devil himself is a nicer person then that fat slob Roberti,,

he gives new meaning to that Italian word, GAVONE !!!

HAPPY & HEALTHY 2011 to "most" of you, especially you, JB !