Friday, December 03, 2010

Here and There

The very talented and bright Liz Benjamin, a New Paltz native and host of YNN's Capitol Tonight received a letter the other day from former candidate for Governor Carl Paladino. You have to read this letter, it's crazy and completely unnecessary. Ms. Benjamin appropriately said on her facebook this morning that she feels it's safe to say she is off Carl Paladino's Christmas list.

At least she is not alone, I think I am also off a wealthy Republican's Christmas list too :~)

Read Palidino's letter by clicking here

I spoke to Alderman Hoffay today who is in good spirits and wanting to get back to work as soon as possible. He is having his biggest operation on Monday and I told him I would keep him in my thoughts and prayers and I hope you all will too. I also informed Tom that he has my 100%support for Ulster County Election's Commissioner, so he better be back in Kingston by next week! :) In all seriousness I wish Tom a speedy recovery and hope he takes it easy.

I would like to wish Kathy Mihm a great retirement, there are so many times I had to call her on different election matters and she always took my call no mater how ridiculous the question and her departure is a loss to Ulster County.

Much speculation as to who may replace her, the inside favorite is Vic Work, who seemed to be the only one not shocked by the announcement of Mihm's retirement. Not saying this was planned but one thing about Democrats is we don't want a candidate shoved down our throats. My personal opinion this is a job for an experienced former elected official or current elected that will be cut out during the redistricting process. This is a serious and an important job, not one to be given as a reward.

If Vic Work is serious about his desire, he should be talking to the committee people that will be electing the next commissioner, not the people he thinks will put him in office. I have nothing against Vic Work but the whole thing is a little suspect. A week is not a lot of time for someone to think about running and to make their case to the committee, especially if there is a guy with an inside track that has been preparing for this transition for months before anyone else knew.

The Golden Hill report was released on Friday with nine recommendations, It's important this facility stay county owned and operated. Walter Frey deserves a lot of credit for the hard work and hours he spent on this report. I had a conversation at length with Legislator Frey last week and this is a guy that really cares and I thank him for his service.

Senator Vincent Leibell who won the Putnam county executive's race in November, seems to be headed off to jail, expected to plead guilty to federal corruption charges. While Senator elect Greg Ball is taking the high road, it should be pointed out that Leibell played really dirty and did everything he could to keep fellow Republican Greg Ball out of the senate, Leibell supported Mary Beth Mao very heavily in the GOP primary. Senator Ball is a not a good ol' boy and has ruffled a lot of feathers down in Putnam and he's clearly doing the right thing.

With absentee ballots being counted throughout New York, it is safe to say with certainty that the Working Families party will move up to row D. That's huge for a fairly young party.

With the state senate going Republican today one can only imagine how upset Senator Craig Johnson of Long Island must feel. Senator Johnson got elected in the past with strong help from the WFP, he chose this year not to take the line for whatever reason and now he is no longer a state senator. Had Craig Johnson taken the line he easily would of been reelected and with Lt. Gov. Duffy's vote, Democrats would still control the chamber! Still think the WFP line does not matter, it seems like the line or lack thereof just decided the fate of the NYS Senate!!????


Anonymous said...

Liz Benjamin needs a COMPLETE MAKEOVER !!!

She is brilliantly left-wing so she has NO fashion sense, like the rest of the Lefties,,

He hair & make-up are so poorly done i cringe when her show comes on & her choices of necklaces is laughable

Since Gerry Benjamin is her Dad, bad hair must run in the family


Anonymous said...

She's about as attractive as Rachel Maddow. ;)

I prefer to watch Ann Coulter. Right Wing Chicks are hotter.

Anonymous said...


Yr correct, Sir -

Laura Ingram Case Closed !!!


Anonymous said...

Liz is not bad looking at all. Ann Culter, she has more wrinkles on her face than I have on my balls, give me a break. Laura Ingraham, what are you 70?

Anonymous said...

Liz Benjamin not the ugliest on that channel. Some of the newscasters are very ugly and morbidly obese as well.

Arnold Palmer