Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kingston GOP Chair Tony Sinagra Resigns

I give Mr. Sinagra credit for resigning and taking responsibility for his loss. Chairman Frank Cardinale on the other had bashes Mayor Gallo for an entire year and wants to be our Ulster County Democratic Chairman...go figure.

Whoever leads the GOP is of no interest to me but Robb Kinnin would do a good job for what it's worth. To be objective for a moment, he would do well and be fair.

Vice Chair Bruce McLean is now acting Chair, he would be a good choice too.


Jacobs Live People for People said...

I must respectfully offer my comment and allow you the opportunity to realize that you are not always aware of all the facts that represent the "shall we call it the "GOP FREEMAN STORY". I am a former GOP Chairman (first woman)and I was a Mayoral Candidate in 2011. Therefore, I have inside knowledge and facts as it relates to many serious issues within the GOP Party. Democracy is the critical component and we have an obligation to our Republican Constituents the voting public, to offer them a choice and the truth in the process. The GOP City Committee at this time demands accountability, unity, respect for each other, funding and a "fire in their belly" approach to succeed. With these essential tools, they will begin to unite and build their base through an aggressive membership drive by encouraging our youth to take ownership in the process. I resigned from the city GOP committee in December 2011. I wish the GOP City Committee continued success in the future.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Tony has a lot to offer, still.
He has more Electoral knowledge in his fat little pinky then Rich Cahil & the rest of the Kingston GOP put together,
Rich Cahill screwed the pooch with his little man's ego & he shoulda ( & the Conservative leadership )bowed out for Andi Turco-Levin, she coulda won,,,,
R.Cahill is the GOP's worst enemy,, he has ideas that only a MINORITY of today's repubs agree with,
Tony should be thnked & honored & the midget Cahill should be shunned!

Anonymous said...

Turco-Levin would have lost to Gallo unmercifully. She could not win the primary with the party's backing and a split field!!

Hayes Clement got 49.99999% in the Dem primary and lost to a strong candidate (Gallo).

Turco-Levin got 38% with party backing and lost to Ron Polacco, a dunce. She even had 2 other challengers to dilute the field. That is pathetic.

The one and only debate she agreed to be involved with was a disaster. Cahill made her look terrible and she never recovered.

It would appear to me that 9:20 has little to offer but silly personal insults.

Try debating the issues Mr. Cahill raises instead of mocking his height. Then again, having seen Cahill destroy the other candidates at the Chamber debate, maybe you shouldn't. If all you have are insults, Cahill would dice you up.

Anonymous said...

Either learn to spell or have your receptionist type you self serving comments.....Not Richy!!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought more people would comment on this than just Jean and Tony...smitty

9:20 said...

i wrote that not Tony, you insecure little people,,
I am a REPUB from out of Kingston,


Anonymous said...

5:12's comments are most likely from Mr Cahill himself as he seems to be the only one still carrying a grudge. It was evident in his comments in the Freeman. He never wants to say anything but then he does it anyway. It only proves his immaturity.

Anonymous said...

Repub from way out of Kingston,
Reveal yourself BRAVE and COURAGEOUS ONE to all the little people.
Lest you be just another CRANK BLOGGER!!! smitty

Anonymous said...

The City republican committee is doomed if McLean becomes chair. The best thing that could happen is to sweep the broom clean and get rid of all the "do-nothings" that have sat up there for years and have done absolutely zero for the betterment of the committee. It is shameful that the reporter did not ask for quotes from former chairs, and Ms Jacobs has to shine a light on the GOP article. By the time new blood is pumped into the sad-sack committee, there will be no committee. Ms. Jacobs was the only one who rolled up her sleeves and tried to lead the flock but they fought her tooth and nail. Sinagra slithered around every corner until he highjacked the chairmanship away and he did nothing but humiliate the party. He should have been tarred and feathered for his actions but he wanted to be someone of authority again but it didn't do him any good. He should have resigned a long time ago but to let any of the old guard take a leadership position in his place is just as bad.