Monday, March 19, 2012

Woerner for Chairman

The race for Ulster County Democratic Chairman is between two candidates tonight at 7pm at the Hillside Manor, City Chairman Frank Cardinale, and former Ulster Supervisor Nick Woerner. The choice is clear: Vote Woerner.

Nick has the knowledge to the job, he know how to win in a Republican town, which he has done twice, he knows how to orginize and raise money for candidates, which he has done for a geographically deserve amount of candidates around the county including Tony McGinty, Debra Schneer, Gary Bischoff ect.

Cardinale is Kingston centered insider, he readily admits he took a 20 yr plus break from politics and his return three years ago has left a lot to be desired, just look at what happened during the Kingston Mayor's race.

Nick also has taken the race more seriously, which is indicative of how he will be as Chairman, he has made the rounds to the committees, phone calls have been made and personal visits...Frank Cardinale comes back from Flordia today..Enough Said...too much is at stake, give Woerner a 3 month chance to fill Schreibman's term and lets get moving with what will be a very important 2012 election season.


Anonymous said...

Nick will take the fight to the Rebulicans. Nick is the right person, for an election year. We need a pitbull to take on the republican Poodles

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you ended up with the local weasel!!!! good luck

Anonymous said...

Frank won. Nick should step up and be an active supporter within the committee.

Anonymous said...

He'll step up if he see's something in it for him.