Saturday, March 17, 2012

Here and There

 Mike Hein not running...Hein sent shock waves through Ulster County this week when he announced that he would not be a candidate for Congress this year. Hein has been mentioned as a possible successor to Congressman Hinchey since he took office as Executive in 2009. Matter of fact Hein spent thousands of dollars in advertising during his reelection campaign despite having no opponent. Which fueled rumors he was gearing up for a run when Hinchey retired.

Speaking of Hein's reelection campaign; I heard a joke on the street this week that was kinda funny:  

Why did Hein have billboards up all over Ulster County if he was running unopposed?

No mirrors on the way to work! ;)

Seriously, Mike was astute to let the public know he was running and and to get his record out to the people of Ulster County. Despite what some may say, you don't get a free pass as the County Executive because the opposing party thinks you are doing a bad job or more importantly because they think they can beat you. Micheal Hein did not have an opponent last year because they could not beat Hein.

Hein getting his name out on a year the legislature was up and other offices, helps Dems across the county. I kid the county Executive on his superficial public presence sometimes but the fact remains Micheal Hein is a great Executive with the people's interests at heart. Julian, Susan and everyone else can all take a breath now, there chances of being elected to Congress got a whole lot better with Hein's exit from the race.

Now What? Well Julian Schreibman is campaigning pretty hard and is gaining some momentum (, we hear New Paltz Supervisor Susan Zimet also is looking to run, Sue has a strong following is savvy and will raise a ton of her 2006 Senate race she raised over 300k easily. Last year Zimet had a huge political comeback getting back her old job as New Paltz Town Supervisor. Sue also has her enemies..she's a mixed bag of powerful friends, powerful enemies and a tireless drive to fight for what she thinks is right, she's a very creditable candidate.

Game Changer Candidates: Dan Ahouse (announcement could be coming any day now) and what if Hinchey changed his mind Monday night at the Ulster County Democratic Convention and announced his intentions to challenge Gibson...a lot of people were talking about how good and energized our Congressman was on St. Patrick's Day. Will Danny Boy in the halls of Congress for two more years??!! I know it seems like a crazy long shot, but hey, crazier things have happened.... 

Tortuous and the Hare: Buzz is Monday's Democratic Convention could be a Woerner comeback..Woerner is doing well at committees I hear. Frank Cardinale is reportedly on vacation until late Sunday night..convention date was moved to Monday to accommodate Mr.Cardinale. Should be interesting to see how it all goes down on Monday.

Other blogs such as Rich Cahill's blog and the Ulster Report have reported on Jim Quigley's exit from consideration in the new senate district that includes Kingston. Albany Republicans have made that district for Assemblyman George Amadore an up and coming Republican from Schenectady. Apparently in order to get GOP backing in Albany you have to write checks to Albany..not to the community you hope to represent. I see some Democratic Quigley supporters pulling down levers for the Democratic nominee...and from what I hear there are two Democratic legislators would be very strong!

Also thanks for the positive comments regarding work ect....please do not get offended if I didn't publish your comment on subject, I respectfully would like to keep the two separate. I read all comments moderated and unmoderated and I appreciate it the kind words..thanks so much again, I think I know who most of you are :)


Anonymous said... covered a lot of ground in this post!!
Hein-could he be afraid of incumbent Chris Gibson? Did his $50k poll tell him to stay home?
Quigley-would be a great State Senator-should tell the upstate Republicans to shove it and go for it. Don't tell me Donaldson or Parete running for the Dems?
What about the other Senate Districts in Ulster?
Heard Bonacic is retiring to make way for his daughter and the state Dems have been courting Auerbach and Larkin will be challenged by a labor backed long time Ulster County Dem.
Kenny Ronk going for the new 101 AD

Anonymous said...

Is Monday's nomination meeting open to any registered Democrat?

Anonymous said...

The convention, as all the democratic conventions are open to the public.

Anonymous said...

Ronk had trouble running in Shawangunk unopposed last year. The lowest amount of votes in the county To almost lose a seat running uncontested?? That would cost a lot of ice cream cones mommy and daddy would have to put up. Must be a chapman idea

Anonymous said...

JB said:convention date was moved to Monday to accommodate Mr.Cardinale.

Simply not true.

Anonymous said...

The State Independence Party just endorsed Gibson for Congress. That's going to make it much harder to beat him, as the I line endorsement is worth a 6 to 8 point swing in the general election. That makes it a big deal.

Anonymous said...

It was true, Frank was away for a week