Saturday, March 10, 2012

Back from Hiatus....

Sorry for the hiatus!

 How did I miss the honey moon between the Bernardo led legislature and the Ulster County Executive's office? You would think they would be natural allies, they both want to privatize Golden Hill so why the fighting over who sits on the LDC? Also if I am Terry Bernardo I am promoting Mike Hein and his agenda with full force... if Hein runs for Congress (which will happen) if he is elected it sets the stage for the first woman Chair of the legislature to run to become Ulster's first female Executive.

Of course I am known as a peace maker ;~) I offer to have lunch with Executive Hein and Chairwoman Bernardo and play peace maker in a similar way that was done by President Clinton in 93 between than Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Palestinian President Yasser Arafat.  Minority Leader David Donaldson can buy.

 Congress:  Hein Watch Speaking of Mike Hein:  We are all waiting for the inevitable announcement from County Executive Micheal Hein that he will run for Congress. With Ulster County intact in the new Congressional distric, he would be foolish not to run. Julian Schreibman the former Chairman of the Ulster County Dem committee has a little bit of a head start and if Dan Ahouse runs it really could make things interesting. Congressman Hinchey will be at the Democratic county convention in two weeks... will he nominate his successor? If so he almost would have to back Ahouse who was his former Chief of Staff and trusted adviser.

However, with the 22nd a lot different as the current proposed district Ahouse loses a bit of his edge to Hein. Dan Ahouse has the 22nd playbook down..what he lacked in name recognition he made up for in knowledge of the district the players, fundraising ability ect., the new district proposed is much different than it currently is now. I have to give County Executive a slight advantage over the rest of the pack but both Hein and Ahouse should not sleep on Schreibman who is working hard.

Also keep in mind we are now in a district represented by freshman Congressman Gibson, Gibson took out Scott Murphy last year. Gibson's district was a swing district before redistricting (this is Senator Gillibrand's old seat) now it includes areas like Rensselaer and Ulster, making it even more Democratic. More Dems from outside of Ulster County will run for this seat, especially in a year that President Barack Obama is on the ballot in NY.

Ulster County Dem Chairman- The Convention for Ulster County Democratic Chairman is coming up, I am supporting and voting for Nick Woerner. I think Mr. Cardinale just would not be the best choice for Chair of the county. I say that as a City of Kingston Democratic Committeeman, I have seen first hand Frank in action and he leaves a lot to be desired.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting it back up where we all can read,,,,smitty

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, J.B.
The political scene ain't the same without ya,
Congrats on yr j o b ,,, ou earned it,,
with you out there the City of Kingston will recoup the Mathew's money in a month,,, heheheheh,
keep goring their oxen, kiddo,
as for the ongoing Bernardo Dramas, oneymoon or not,, it is entertaining,,, Chapman,Mathes,Tantillo,Donaldson, Provenzano,
a cast of thousands,,,

anyway. as John Sebastian wrote, " Welcome Back,"

Anonymous said...

What about the UC Legislature? Who's running, stepping down, etc? Can you give up an update?

Anonymous said...

To 9:53: the UC Legislature is not in play this election.