Tuesday, April 04, 2006

600 New Jobs Come To Kingston

Sottile brings approximately 600 new jobs, in the Kingston business Park. Armor Dynamics Inc. plans to build a 58,000-square foot manufacturing facility at the Delaware Avenue business park. Warren said the company later this spring expects to announce a projected opening date. This is big news for the city of Kingston probably the best thing to happen to the city of Kingston in over a decade. We need more industry in this state and with a manufacturing company like this coming in is a great thing and will make the city more attractive to more people and more business. I applaud Mayor Jim Sottile and our economic developer Steven Finkle for there hard work and tireless efforts on this project. I also would like to thank our governor George Pataki for recognizing the importance of this company and our business park and supporting us in a non-partisan manner.


Don Ryan said...

The best news we have had in years! This is a growth industry and will create good quality jobs. Let's hope this company will prosper and attract more businesses to Kingston/Ulster County. We must stop being the County that says No. Good job Jim!

Allatoona said...

Interesting blog...a good read.

A Cassville Heritage Association member, Cassville, Georgia

Anonymous said...

Which side do you want?

Anonymous said...

It all sounds good, but from what I hear( from a very reliable source) they do not have the contracts or orders as yet.
Where is this going to leave this
huge and expensive building? Where will it leave the proposed jobs ?
How can the statement be made without the security of the
production orders of these products?

Sounds like the chickens are counted before the hatch.

Bill Berardi said...

How about do something to keep the existing businesses here. Eliminate the burdensome Non-Homestead Tax Rate now!