Thursday, April 06, 2006


Alderman Bobby Senor and Alderwoman Anne Marie DiBella have gotten Post Master Sherry Elkind to take down all the 1700 rural type mail boxes that have been placed around the city for the last two years. This is a big win for the city of Kingston, these boxes were an eye sore and Senor is right it is not every day you beat the federal government. Alderman Senor also said that he has talked with postal workers who said they were receiving a 75 dollar commission to have them installed.....Here is my question I wonder what they are going to pay the workers to take all 1700 down. This is another great example of what can happen when legislators work together in a bipartisan manner.


Bill Berardi said...

Where I have lived in the City, First Avenue, we have had to pay and maintain our own rural mailboxes for over forty years. What's the big deal - special rules for certain people?

Bill Berardi said...


Freedom of speech - with your approval only? Your a good PR man!