Sunday, April 02, 2006

Blaber News gives City Council 90 day report

It has been a little over 90 days since the new council took office and already a lot has happened some positive and some negative. Here at Blaber news we will go ward by ward and give a letter grade for each alderman based on what they have done in there ward.

Ward 1 - Alderman Al Teetsil not much too report here so far Alderman Tetsil has been very quite but that is not necessarily a bad thing it has only been 90 days being Tetsil is a new alderman there is a lot to learn and soak in from asking around the ward his constituents are overall happy with him being there representative, come to think of it, I don't think I have ever heard a negative word about Alderman Tetsil to date. Over all rating =B-
Ward 2- Alderman Jennifer Ringwood another new alderman on the council, has started out with a bang. Alderman Ringwood has been very influential in her ward dealing with concerns from constituents as well as running a joint neighborhood watch with Alderman Cahill which shows her strong will of non-partisanship. Alderman Ringwood also made headlines with her efforts to clean up the formal Ulster and Delaware railroad way, that has become infested with drugs and prostitution. Thanks to Alderman Ringwood changes are being made. Over all rating = A
Ward 3 Alderman Lenny Walker what can I say about Lenny Walker other then it is always interesting. Lenny Walker who made headlines a month ago for calling for both mayor Jim Sottile and Superintendent Jerry Gretszinger's resignations. We can also give him credit for bringing the Guardian Angels in to the city. Alderman Walker always does what he thinks is best but unfortunately not seeing the forrest from the trees is not necessarily a good thing. He has however done positive things for the ward, it is April 3rd and I have already seen him with his bucket of water cleaning off graffiti in his ward, and although I disagree with his method of bringing in the Guardian Angels it still could end up being a positive thing. Over all rating B+
Ward 4 Alderman Clint Brown has been ill for most of these last few months and you have to give the man a lot of credit for the way he has been able to handle calls with his constituents as well as the way he has been able to transition back after an illness that was life threatening. I applaud Alderman Brown for his good work. Overall rating A
Ward 5 Alderman Anne Marie DiBella the council's rising star and new majority whip of the council has done a great job thus far, Alderman DiBella was the Alderman who first started the effort to take down the postal mail boxes that have been popping up like weeds and causing an eye soar throughout the city. In a non-partisan effort her and alderman Senor were able to stop more of these boxes from coming up and lead the take down of the current boxes that are up illegally. Over all rating A
Ward 6 Alderman Richard Cahill Jr. has been well interesting, it has been an overall mellow Rich Cahill, who serves as the councils minority leader there have been ups and downs. Early last month Cahill signed paperwork that permitted the city to purchase waterfront boat docks. Later he claimed he didn't know what he was signing, and tried to some how blame the dems for tricking him. It has not all been bad Alderman Cahill has many positive accomplishments he is leading the parking commission and from what I hear there first meeting went well. In addition he is running a neighborhood watch with 2nd ward Alderman Jennifer Ringwood. Cahill made his latest headlines with legislation that will go after land lords that rent out to drug dealers although there are small problems I have with some of the details of the legislation I think this is an overall positive effort on his part. Over all rating B+
Ward 7 Alderman Bill Reynolds has been in the news a few times over the pat few months for his continued great works in his ward and his tiredless efforts to improve the quality of life in the city of Kingston. Alderman Reynolds first made headlines when he made a proposal to install cameras at traffic lights to cut down on the speeding throughout the city. Speeding is one of the biggest complaints that I get said Reynolds. Another proposal brought fourth by Majority leader Reynolds was the possibility of having city wide internet service and hot spots through out the city to make Kingston more attractive to business and possibly provide internet service to Kingston residents at a cheaper rate. Alderman Reynolds has also teamed up with Alderman Senor in a non -partisan effort to do a joint neighborhood watch of wards 7 and 8 to address the concerns of there residents. By far Alderman Reynolds has made the most progress thus far. Overall rating A+
Ward 8 Alderman Bobby Senor what can I say about Alderman Senor that has not been whispered under everyones breath these last few months, what a change. I am so impressed with the hard work of Alderman Senor and the bi-partisan effort on his part I almost can not believe I am talking about the same person. Alderman Senor has done nothing these last few months but show results and work in a non-partisan way. Alderman Senor has fixed the Delaware Ave. traffic light to make it safer for the children at Kennedy, got rid of the scumbags that hang out at the Roundout Market making it easier for people to attend the store and not feel intimidated, he has worked with Alderman DiBella to settle the mail box situation, has worked in a joint neighborhood watch with Alderman Reynolds of the 7th and 8th wards and has accepted Sottile's truce to better the city. Did I leave anything out... I am very happy with the works of Alderman Senor. Over all rating A+
Ward 9 Alderman Mike Madsen the alderman famous for wanting to reinstall parking meters is now on Alderman Cahill's parking commissionn and has brought fourth a private company that according to him will install all of the meters at no charge to the city through a private/public partnership, also these new meters if they went into effect would use blue-tooth technology were the user would pay through there credit card or even cell phone for the time they were parked vs. pre-paying, I myself can not support at this time a private company having anything to do with the parking meters. Alderman Madsen has also took it upon himself to correct a lot of over sights in the city charter, it is not unusual to see 30piecess of legislation a month submittedd by Madsen to the city's public safety committee. AldermanMadsen who chairs the tourism committeee has expressed great plans to promote tourism in the city o Kingston Overall rating B+


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