Friday, April 28, 2006

City Of Kingston Person Of The Week County Majority Leader Jeanette Provenzano

This weeks Blaber news person of the week is Jeanette Provenzano, Jeanette is the majority Leader of the Ulster County Legislator and has dedicated her life to public service. Legislator Provenzano in her tenure as an Ulster County Legislator has had numerous accomplishments and will continue to benefit the County in the future, especially now that she is part of the Majority.
Born and raised in Kingston, Jeanette Provenzano has a keen understanding of families and seniors. A mother of seven, she earned an Associate of Arts degree in political science, served as a legislative aide to State Senator Art Gray and to Assemblyman Larry Bennett. A member of Friends of the Senate House, the Uptown Business Association, the Mental Health Association and the Twallfskill Gold Club, Provenzano has been an Ulster County Legislator for 16 years., served six as the Minority Leader, the first woman to ever hold a leadership position in that body, Provenzano currently serves as the county Majority leader. Provenzano retired from full-time work in 2002 as Executive Secretary to the Kingston Civil Service Commission.

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