Friday, April 07, 2006

City Of Kingston Person Of The Week

This weeks person of the week is NYS Assemblyman Kevin Cahill, Assemblyman Cahill is a representative of the 101st assembly district, representing Ulster and Dutchess counties. Assemblyman Cahill Mr. Cahill serves on the Assembly Steering, Health, Higher Education, Consumer Affairs and Economic Development, Job Creation, Commerce and Industry Committees. He is also Chairman of the Legislative Task Force on People with Disabilities. In his previous term in the Assembly, Mr. Cahill served on several committees including Codes, Real Property Tax, Local Government and Children and Families. He was the Assembly spokesperson for Community Corrections and a member of the task force on Local Government Finance Reform. He has a strong record on the environment, civil rights, labor, and women's issues. Mr. Cahill was, and remains, a strong advocate for local real property tax reform. Assemblyman Cahill was chosen this week for his hard work in our community, he is a great leader and I am proud to have him as my assemblyman. I am also proud that Assemblyman Cahill has accepted my offer to become an honorary Board member for my non-profit Governmental Leadership a thriving company, getting young adults involved in local government.

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