Sunday, April 16, 2006

City Of Kingston Person Of The Week Alderman Bill Reynolds

This weeks person of the week is Alderman Bill Reynolds the Majority Leader of the Kingston common council, Reynolds who is a 7 term alderman has been an asset to the city of Kingston and his constituents. Alderman Reynolds fulfills a wide range of responsibilities as Council Majority Leader. In this capacity, he serves as chief advocate for the interests of the Council Majority in budget and public policy negotiations with the Mayor and Council Minority, participates in the appointment process to the Council's standing committees, and serves as the Majority's chief spokesperson to the media. I was going to write out a list of Alderman Reynolds accomplishments during his tenure as alderman unfortunately it literally took up the whole page! Here is a link instead : In addition to his role in local government Alderman Reynolds served on the Board of the Friends of Historic Kingston for 10 years during which time he created the groups first membership newsletter. He is a past member of the Kingston Urban Cultural Park/Heritage Area Commission, and the Kingston Lion's Club. He is currently a member of the Ulster County Ancient Order of Hibernians.

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Bill Berardi said...

Alderman Reynolds has the priviledge and responsibility to represent us in the 7th ward. The seventh ward has many development opportunities which were stifled by the City failing to extend water & sewer lines to existing City property. MOst of the miles in the seventh ward do not have storm drains, curbs, or sidewalks, but many have rural mailboxes. Finally last year water lines were run from Kingston street north towards the hamlet of East Kingston (part of the Town of Ulster). Thanks to Alderman Reynolds professionalism, we in the 7th ward are finally getting a share of City Planning and Infrastructure. Once we get done bonding a repair job to help the uptowners from Linderman Avenue who made money from a development but were not required to pay into a capital reserve fund, and stop chasing what we don't have maybe we can get back to taking care of what we have?