Saturday, September 02, 2006

Alderman Reynolds proposes parking Kiosks

Majority Leader Bill Reynolds suggests the City look into installing Kiosks vs. Parking meters. It has become clear that the city is going to get rid of the current two-hour system which seems to not be working. Now it is a question of what to do should the city set up parking meters, Kiosks, or something other.

Personally I think Alderman Reynolds idea is a GREAT one, why stick parking meters all over the place in our historic city, a kiosk could be put up every 100 feet or so rather then every foot, it makes the city look sloppy.

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Anonymous said...

Two hour parking does work when the law is written and then enforced properly. This needs to include holding those accountable who have received parking tickets.

$400,000 in outstanding parking fines is an insult to the City of Kingston and a slap in the face to City Taxpayers who could have a a lower increase in the taxrate had tickets been collected aggressively.

Once again Alderman Reynolds has thrown up a typical political test balloon by announcing his idea of kiosks without the announcement of costs to the taxpayers for the machines. By the way, kiosks are not a new idea to the City of Kingston. In fact, the Council's Chief "Parking Meter" Cheerleader, Mike Madsen, had proposed kiosks previously.

Parking meters and/or kiosks are a money loser if they are looked upon as a revenue generator alone. $300,000 in parking meter revenue, as proposed by the Mayor, is a pipedream. Unless of course, there will be many more meters than the City had before meters were removed, just two years ago.