Sunday, March 04, 2007

Alderman Cahill: build some confidence

Alderman Richard Cahill's dream has always been to become Kingston city court judge, and follow in the footsteps of his late grandfather. Mr. Cahill has been waiting for his chance to run for judge ever since he graduated from law school, and now when his chance has come it looks like he will roll over for Mike Bruhn Jr. (son of Ulster County Judge Mike Bruhn Sr.) Why? Simple, Rich Cahill lacks confidence and is overly concerned about the way the republican party's PR. Cahill who should have the nomination, after all he built the city republican party, will NEVER primary Bruhn, mark my words. He will do what he thinks is " best for the party" and throw away all his hard work.

My advise to Cahill is to run for judge...who knows he might become judge. Cahill must realize that if Bruhn is elected he will be in there at least 2 terms. Rich will be in his late 50's before he can run again. This is the perfect time for Rich to run. Hey I may vote for him, if Cahill is judge he will not be able to do that tv show of his anymore. If I can save the city from having to listen to his commentary for an hour a week it may be worth it. Having criminals listen to him for hours a day in court is also punishment enough for them, this may be a win win situation! Just think Rich if you become judge you can swear in James Sottile to another term as Mayor!

In the end, Rich will run for Alderman and cite some lame excuse as to why he has chosen not to run for judge. The real reason: He thinks he will not be able get the party's nomination for judge and he also believes running for alderman is probably his safest bet at staying elected at this point. Mr. Cahill is wrong on both counts.


Anonymous said...

You really are a piece of work, Jeremy. You want Cahill to run for Judge because you think Bruyn would beat him. You don't want him to run for Alderman bacause you know he would win in a walk.

Jeremy Blaber said...

I do not think he would necessarily win judge in a walk. I guess I can't win, I try to compliment Mr.Cahill and my motives are still questioned.

Anonymous said...

How is the word "compliment" defined in your dictionary? If he runs for Judge, he can't do that weekly TV show, and he will punish people having to listen to him in court. These are compliments? I know, they were meant in "fun", right? I deeply regret that Rich is not running for Mayor. I think he would have won in a "walk." I take my own "straw poll" when I talk to people at Hannaford and Stewarts, etc. If you think that you're (please take note of the proper spelling of "you are") in the majority, thinking this Mayor is well loved, you're not listening, or in denial. Most people are very disgusted with this Mayor, which is why you, he, and Ms. DiBella have come up with asinine comments to discredit Rich Cahill. I am a lifelong Democrat, and I doubt Mr. Cahill and I would agree on any national issue (I think Bush is a moron and the worst President ever)but he made many local Democrats worried enough to call him a racist (the people of Ward 5 better take notice of the moron they elected)and attack him, regardless of whether his point was right or wrong.

Jeremy Blaber said...


It was all in good fun. The main point of the article was Rich Cahill has worked hard for the party and if he wants to run for judge ( which I know he does) then he should be able too. Whether he would win or not remains to be seen.

As far as the crime commission, while I am strongly against it, I do not think it was racially motivated and I never said it was. I disagree with Mayor Sottile's and Anne Marie DiBella's assessment. I agree however that the commission is not needed and is politically motivated.

As far as your straw poll is concerned, it's not scientific ......those people may not even be Kingston residents. The real poll is in the voting booth, and I will proudly be voting for Mayor James Sottile for another term as mayor.

Anonymous said...

Just like a Republicans.. They bash
Sottile left and right. But yet they will put up a nobody to run against him. Sottile will win every
ward in our city. Bash, Bash, Bash
then offer simple easy solutions.

The Bookworm

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, I don't usually speak to people I don't know. The people I talk to, I know them, and many of them, if not all of them, like myself, are long-time Kingston residents who are fearful that the ever increasing taxes and the re-val will force us out of Kingston. Our pensions and Social Security are fixed. They don't go up like the taxes (the couple of dollars increases on January 1st are almost an insult). I agree, it's not scientific. It's much better. It's the people of Kingston. Do you really talk to people (and I don't mean fellow Democratic committee people), who tell you they really like this Mayor? Really? I may end voting for him too, as the best candidate decided not to run, and I'll be damned if I'm voting for Phil Cosme. But....what choice will I have?

Anonymous said...

newsflash ....Lenny Walker just changed his enrollment to republican!