Sunday, March 18, 2007

Incumbent line up----- who's in and who's out Should they run?

Mayor James Sottile --- Undecided, has done a good job and should run for another term. Mayor Sottile's record speaks for itself and it is one he should be proud of.

Council President Jim Noble-- Running, will have no trouble being re-elected. Like Sottile, his record speaks for itself.

Alderman Teetsel--- Running, was helpful during budget time and has been fair, he has worked hard to get were he is and I say let's keep him.

Alderman Ringwood----- Running, her first term should be used as a model of what an alderman should be.... no brainier she should be re-elected.

Alderman Walker---Not running, I think it's time for Lenny to move on.

Alderman Brown--- Not running, has done good things for a troubled ward...he should reconsider and run for another term.

Alderman DiBella---Running, DiBella, the Dem's rising star....need I say more.

Alderman Cahill---Running, NO COMMENT

Alderman Reynolds--- Running, is in an office that he has outgrown....should be a State Senator by now, the council is lucky to have someone of his skills.

Alderman Senor---Running, has been a breath of fresh air and should defiantly seek re-election.....has my full support.

Alderman Madsen--Running, works harder then anyone else..whether it be changing municipal trash cans or picking spots to place parking meters..Madsen works hard and is under appreciated. The city is lucky to have him.


Anonymous said...

Senor??? What has he done? Maybe
I will run. Who do I talk to Mr.


Jeremy Blaber said...

Any candidate interested in running, should contact the Board of Elections at 845-334-5470


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Blaber

Bookworm for Ward 8!