Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mayor Jason West to appear on Late Night w/ Jeremy Blaber

Mayor Jason West of New Paltz, will be a guest on Late Night w/ Jeremy Blaber within the next few weeks. We are talking and looking at a time that fits both of our schedules said Blaber, I would imagine he (West) will be on within the next few weeks. Mr.West has done great things for New Paltz, and I look forward to talking with him about some of his accomplishments. We will also talk about the current campaign and discuss why Jason is the most qualified candidate to be the chief executive of the Village of New Paltz.


Anonymous said...

I hope that, in the interest of fairness, you'll be offering time to the other two candidates as well.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy I really suport you in all that you are doing, but this Mayor broke the law and he did it knowing he was breaking the law. He set the standerd for New Paltz. He is a disgrace to the people that keep the law. No matter what we feel is right and wrong we always keep the law. Why because we the people believe " The law is the law". Please do not bring his law breaking self into our town. We have a great Mayor. One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. Anonymous......Think Jeremy