Sunday, March 18, 2007

I'm Sorry

Dear Reader:

I have been doing this website for over a year and have done my television show for almost 2 years. In that time I have given out a lot of information to this community, I dare say I have provided a valuable service. However, some will say that this website is nothing more then a political site designed to tout the Democratic line, well maybe their is some truth to that. I believe strongly in what I say and write but maybe sometimes I go too far.

How can I claim I am impartial when I have had Mayor Sottile my person of the week 15 times? He is a good mayor and I have a tremendous amount of respect for him but 15 times......geez! Surly I could of found other local community leaders that deserve recognition. Like Diane Reeder, who runs a great program that provides education and food to families that need it. Or Clark Richters who puts on the Kingston Common Council meeting every week on KPA for people who do not have the transportation to come to meetings themselves. Then their is Terry Myers at the Foxhall Deli that would do anything for anyone, not to mention he is the only deli owner in Ulster County that still knows every single one of his customers, their name, as well as their order.

I unfortunately have also used this website to advance my own political agenda, sometimes even attacking good people simply because we have different views on certain issues. For that I am truly sorry. I can't do anything about the past but I can focus on the future..... This site will still have my usual commentary and cover different local events but will do so in a manner that is fair and balanced.

Thank you to all that take the time out of your day to come here and listen to my opinions and thoughts.



Anonymous said...

Foxhall Deli, Jeremy YOU SAID Would do anything. I'm Sorry..................

I Can't get my egg and cheese, on a hardroll with a slice of onion? AFTER 11:00am?

Anonymous said...

There is no reason to say you are sorry. What is the problem watching to much on 23? You want Lenny Waker as Mayor? Sottile is a good Mayor crime is down. What is
wrong young man? It would appear to me it may be one of two things.
1. You were at Artie's with the
guy who wont pay his tickets OR
You have a case of the Stockholm Syndrome. The next thing you will do is make propaganda statements
for Cahill Sr on the Chronicles.

The Bookworm

Anonymous said...

Hello Jeremy! I, unlike the Bookworm, applaud this message. I wrote and told you that I had no respect and could not find you credible if you always supported the Democrat party mantra. As you said, Mayor Sottile, 15 times Person of the Week, I agree.....geez. No one, in Kingston, can be proclaimed Person of the Week 15 times, and the person doing the proclaiming be credible. I think it is fine to have your opinion, just make sure it's your opinion, what you really think, rather than what you're conditioned to think.

Anonymous said...

sorry, why? just tell it like it is...or don't tell it at all

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Jeremy! I’m pleased to see you’ve had an epiphany. I hope you will be able to see the virtues and faults of those whom you idolize as well as those whom you despise. Having a “D” after one’s name does not confer sainthood, political expertise, and perfection, nor does the “R” imply ulterior motives, ineptitude, and deep-rooted wickedness. Take a closer look at those you have maligned in the past. Maybe one of them could be your person of the week in the future. I’ll be checking back at your website to see how you are doing. I hope the “New Jeremy” will report with fairness and give an unbiased version of the news.
Zippy TWC