Saturday, March 17, 2007



Kingston has been hit with well over a foot of snow and roads are very bad, if you do not have to go out then don't. DPW crews have been out working hard all day and I commend their efforts.

We have all emergency staff in and expect we'll have crews on all night (Friday) and all day Saturday," Kingston Mayor James Sottile said. "We aim to get the snow cleared curb-to-curb, and I just want to remind people that the snow emergency means that all cars have to be off the street. We will be ticketing and towing. This is a pretty severe storm, and we'll do whatever we need to do on a 48-hour basis to get the city back to normal."

Sottile also stated that he has a strong ironclad alibi in case Alderman Cahill or Alderman Walker try to blame him for the weather conditions.

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Anonymous said...

Good Job by Kingston DPW!

Bob Gillon