Sunday, March 11, 2007

Blaber News Person of the Week : Alderman and Community Leader Clint Brown

This weeks Blaber News Person of the week is 4th ward Alderman Clinton Brown, Alderman Brown is a community leader in every sense of the word and has done tremendous things to improve the quality of life of the people of his ward. Alderman Brown worked hard with police chief Jerry Keller and the DA's office to bring in a grant through operation impact that will open a Mobile police precinct in his ward. The precinct that will be staffed during the day, will address crime concerns in Midtown. Alderman Brown's efforts yesterday for the family that lost their home in a fire is also commendable, Mr.Brown was there most of the day with the victims, neighbors, and firefighters helping out.

There is a blog that has surfaced called Kingston Politics 101, a hate website that does nothing but trash the democratic party and myself, recently they have tried to lobby Alderman Cahill to change his mind and run for mayor( alderman Cahill ruled out a run for mayor earlier this month). I am going to make a similar request, Alderman Brown has said that he will not seek a second term for 4th ward Alderman, I ask that he reconsider, the ward needs Alderman Brown and I feel his work is not yet complete. Alderman Brown if your reading this please run for a third term and continue the great works you started almost 4 years ago. Another two years will not be that much for you and it will mean a lot for your constituents and the city as a whole.



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I'm sure Mr. Brown would enjoy another term with deBella. She has such respect for him.
Zippy TWC

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Clint was not a bad Alderman. He tryed to do what was right[most of the time]The 4th Ward best Alderperson was Connie Falcone. She is missed.

The Bookworm