Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sennett Launches Advertising Blitz

Jonathan R. Sennett, a Democratic candidate for Ulster County District Attorney, has turned up the heat in what promises to be one of the region’s most watched political races of the summer and early fall.

Sennett, a former Bronx County prosecutor and practicing private attorney and part time Ulster County public defender, has launched an interactive website located at . The website features video clips outlining Mr. Sennett’s campaign platform, values and vision.

Starting today Sennett has also launched a radio, print and cable TV ad campaign to tell the public of his hands-on prosecutorial experience and strong desire to make Ulster County a safer place to live. “I have solid experience prosecuting homicide to handgun possession cases in the Bronx. As an assistant district attorney in Bronx County, I led a team of assistant district attorneys and caseload about the same size of the current Ulster County District Attorneys’ Office,” said Sennett.

In 2000, Sennett moved his family to New Paltz where he later opened up a private law practice. Since then, Mr. Sennett has appeared in every court in the county as well as courts in Dutchess, Greene, Orange and Sullivan counties.

“For the past seven years, my family has enjoyed the quality of life Ulster County has to offer. My pledge is to create a cohesive team to make homes, schools and communities in this county safer,” said Sennett.

“We just spent $95 million on a new jail and taxpayers and the electorate need a proven leader to make cost-effective choices about prosecuting crime and administering justice. Key elements in this strategy include alternatives to incarceration and proven prevention programs.” said Sennett.

Mr. Sennet’s campaign platform calls for effective and efficient prosecution of crime, protection of special victims, developing customized school safety plans and fostering greater communication and collaboration in the law enforcement community. “We will do whatever it takes to bring out the facts in this campaign. Advertising and a new website are just the start,” said Sennett.

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Anonymous said...

I have to admit, I thought once the others got into it Sennet would go away. I was dead wrong. He is good and he is showing it. The others better get off their asses or this guy is going to kick them, but good!