Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Assemblyman Molinaro launches Summer Reading Challenge


As he announced the kick-off of the 2007 Summer Reading Challenge, Assemblyman Marc Molinaro (R,I,C-Tivoli) encouraged participation as an excellent way to continue
developing children’s reading skills during the summer months.

“The summer months are a terrific time for kids to continue working on improving their literacy skills and my 2007 Summer Reading Challenge is a fun, effective way to combine
reading and learning,” said Molinaro. Molinaro said the Summer Reading Challenge is open to young people from Preschool through Elementary School and asks participants and their parents to read together for at least 15 minutes each day during the months of July and August. The Challenge is successfully
completed when 40 or more days are marked off of the calendar contained within the Summer
Reading Challenge brochure. Children who successfully complete the Challenge receive an
official Assembly Excellence in Reading Certificate to recognize their efforts.

“Without question, literacy is a critical skill for our children to develop to ensure they
are fully prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century workplace. The 2007
Summer Reading Challenge is a great way to encourage children to continue reading and
learning while being rewarded for their efforts. Parents who are interested in having their
children participate in this year’s Challenge should contact my office for their free copy of the
brochure,” Molinaro concluded.


Anonymous said...

How silly......

Mark and his 'Christ' like photo.

Anonymous said...

He could use the same photo for Bible School!

Anonymous said...

Kevin Cahill has been running this program for years.

Jeremy Blaber said...

Yes, and Assemblyman Cahill runs a superb program as well. I should know I participated in it when I was in Kennedy School.

Johnny Nitro said...


Marcus should hire you as his P.R. Director. Is there not dems we could be promoting?

Anonymous said...

You people are sick. Please don't make such a reference: "Christ like."

The photo and the program is organized by the NYS Library Association. Any legislator is able to participate - as does Kevin Cahill.

Marc is the Ranking Member of the Assembly Libraries and Education Technology Program and has been running a reading program for several years.

Congrats to he and Kevin for encouraging our kids to read and supporting our local libraries.

It's time some of you get a life!

Anonymous said...

Clint Brown=Love

Anonymous said...

Yeah this is just a taxpayer-financed PR scheme. There's a picture of Larkin in the Kingston library doing the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Not taxpayer funded. Its, organized by the NYS Library Association. Heaven forbid our local officials support literacy. Time to get a library card!

Anonymous said...

If the state didn't support it, why do we have to see pix of politicans on those posters?