Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Freeman's Paul Kirby named reporter of the year

"It's well deserved," said Freeman Managing Editor Sam Daleo.

Daily Freeman's Paul Kirby named reporter of the year by the Journal register, the parent company of the Freeman. Kirby is the reporter people involved in city politics love to hate, and the award is well deserved.

Kirby does not discriminate in his coverage, a self described ' equal opportunity offender'. We at Blaber News wish Kirby a congratulations, and look forward to more successful years covering the City of Kingston.

The award was accompanied with a 1000.00 check, maybe now you can pay me for the 4 dollar bet you lost?


Anonymous said...

The freeman is still a rag!

Anonymous said...

It is great that the parent company recognizes Paul's work. It is shameful that they only give him $1000, half of which will go to the government. So perhaps he can buy a few tanks of gas.

He should be given $10,000. That might cause other reporters to improve their work. This is a cheap and chinzy booby prize for one of the best writers in the business.