Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Blaber calls for the resignation of Joanie " ducks" Every

Joan Every known to duck out on any controversial issue in the county, now is just not showing up for meetings. On a recent vote to investigate what happened in the county jail fiasco who was absent? You guessed it, Mrs.Every. I bet she is still going to pick up her paycheck on Friday and collect her health benefits. This woman is literally robbing the taxpayers of Ulster County. She has missed the most meetings of any county legislator. Frank Dart and Frank Felicello both have better attendance records then her, and they both have suffered from serious medical conditions. There are plenty of people that want to serve in our county legislator, myself included. People that would put time in and do the job, and properly represent their constituents. This woman has been given the privilege of being elected numerous times, by showing up to pancake breakfasts and schmoozing over the seniors, but does absolutely nothing.

Thankfully Joan has said she will retire this term, THANK GOD! However, January 1st can't come soon enough! I'm calling for the resignation of Joan Every, enough is enough!


Anonymous said...

I could not agree more. Ms. Every has been on the Legislature for 20 or so years, has not had one original thought in that time, has never proposed any legislation of her own. She won handily every time because she knew how to schmooze, and is a nice lady. You can Elizabeth Alfonso (also thankfully retiring) and Alice Tipp to the list. Nicest ladies you'd want to meet, and totally useless as legislators. Not so useless in costing the taxpayers however. They are poster children for why I voted for the County Executive.

Anonymous said...

Remember Lynn Bauer

Anonymous said...

Alice Tipp worked harder for the people that half of the democrats on the legislature now. Don't include her in you criticism. I am a democrat and i supported alice tipp.

Gary Carter