Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ulster blog spurt ends, Blaber News still running strong

Blaber's News and Commentary, the first real political blog in Ulster County, made it's debut to the blogisphere a little over a year ago. Since then many others popped up all failing to last for whatever reason. They simply can't compete, said Blaber very confidently. Blaber's News and Commentary receives about 100-120 hits a day.

Some of the other blogs that have popped up :

Ulster Gop, Blogmaster : Mike Sweeney. Status : Closed

The Kingst'Onion, Blogmaster : Anonymous. Status : Closed

Kingston Political Fishbowl, Blogmaster: Anonymous Status : Closed

Kingston Politics 101, Blogmaster : Anonymous Status: Closed

Kingston's Truth, Blogmaster : Anonymous Status : Active-- just started