Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ulster County Legislature's Dems Battle it Out for Top Spot

Ulster County Legislature's power struggle for chair has begun...Jeanette Provanzano is challenging incumbent Chairman David Donaldson for the top post and each candidate claims to have the support needed for the top spot. I just have to wonder why the Democratic legislature can't just work together and relax. Donaldson, who has fended of challenges twice before from Peter Kraft and Robert Parete, has done a great job in his current position and while I like Jeanette dearly there should not be a change in leadership.

The Democratic party seems to be too ambitious for it's own good. Then again, I'm sure the GOP when in power, where the same way. The GOP to its credit, had a party chair that would not tolerate such nonsense like trying to change leadership midterm in the legislature, or allowing committee members to support an Independent candidate for District Attorney. But I guess when the Democratic Chairman is also an Elections Commissioner, and you care about yourself more than the party you were elected to represent things like this happen.

The Ulster County Democratic Committee needs a new chairman it's that simple, Donaldson being challenged three times in three years, the d.a.'s race being the most obvious reasons. The fact of the matter is that the party is hopelessly divided, and with two huge county races coming up we can't afford to continue on our current path. It's also necessary for the moral to be restored and the healing process to begin and under Parete that simply will not happen.

John Parete has done a lot of good things for the Democratic party and deserves a lot of the credit for our Democratic majority in the legislature amongst other any good leader his time has passed.


Anonymous said...

What a scandal blog. What happen to the John Parete Voting Poll?

Jeremy Blaber said...

The poll is over, 56% said Parete should not step down...there is no scandal..I planned on posting the results with commentary tomorrow...but for those who can't wait..Parete won the poll.

The poll can be voted on by Republicans, Dems, Ind, Cons, libs so it is in now way accuarate of how the committee may feel.

The poll was just for fun.

Anonymous said...

Democrat discension is great for the Republicans; keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Keep on fighting Democrats!!! An eye for an eye makes all of you blind!!!!


Anonymous said...

Jeanette is for Jeanette always has been always will be. Always with her hand out much like the Alderwoman from the 5th Ward.

Its to bad some people alwways have there hands out

Anonymous said...

Kraft barley lost in the initial run for Chairmanship, 11-10. Parete had 9-12. His support has never been good.

The Legislators determine the Chairman, not the County Chairman. Both sides vote, the Majority usually sticks together and supports whoever the caucus selects. I am sure Parete or Kraft could have gone to the Republicans for a few votes to get Donaldson out if they wanted. But they supported the narrow vote of the caucus.

Let's see what Mr. Donaldson does and then we will talk some more about loyalty to the Democrats. I want you to remember this post.

You are becoming obsessive with your anti Parete campaign. Knock it off, we know you hate the guy.

Jeremy Blaber said...

There's no anti-Parete campaign at all. I like Parete, his time has just past and he has hurt the party by staying in power.

Don't be nieve the party chairman has everything to do with the picking or challenging in this case of our legislative chairman.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, you are wrong on this. The Democratic Chairman has NOTHING to do with choosing a Chairman of the Legislature. If Parete wanted to choose a Chairman of the Legislature, do you honestly think he would pick Provenzano? Wake up. Don't believe everything you hear. There are people out there with agendas.

Jeanette Provenzano said...

Hello everyone,

For those that are not aware, there is a process for positions of Leadership that takes place on a yearly basis. That process allows the Democratic caucus, rank and file, to deside who they want to represent them as Majority Leader and Chairman

I have served 18 years as a County Legislator,representing the City of Kingston and at another time represented the Towns of Hurley, Ulster, Marbletown and the Town of Kingston. 16 of those in the trenches, 6 as Miniority Leader, the last two years as Majority Leader. I have earned the opportunity, through experience and Leadership roles, to challenge for the Chairmenship.

It is the Democratic caucus that will choose the Chairman and the Majority Leader for 2008.

Anonymous said...

Is it true Jeanette made calls on behalf of Anne Marie DiBella in support of her bid for Majority Leader over Reynolds? UNREAL!!

B.P. said...

Cuomo shouldn't challenge Spitzer, Bradley shouldn't challenge the party's nominee, Provenzano shouldn't challenge Donaldson...

Blaber you're too old school, remind me a lot of Lou Resnick. Remember you're part of the new Democrats not the old!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, there is a deep rift among the Democrats that is not likely to be repaired anytime soon. All the in-fighting is going to result in a change in leadership, for both county and city committees. This will be painful, but is needed.

Democratic committeepersons who were disloyal and publicly worked against the Democratic candidate for DA like DiBella will have to be removed from their committee seats.

Jeanette's blood needs to be spilled too, because she worked for the Conservative candidate for DA. Among Democrats, she left the party and took a position against the majority - and now, ironically, she wants to be majority leader of the County Legislature. That is unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

donaldson is a me, me, me leader. He is ceo, what a joke
his power is onevote like everyother legislator

Anonymous said...

8:43 - no, you need to wake up. the Parete's and Provinsano's are RELATED by blood, so of course Rob and rich are going all out for Provinsano as she is part of their clan and proved her loyalty to them in the DAs race. Nothing in that Parete-Provinsano "family" suggests that they are loyal to anyone but themselves. All of it should make the public sick. we need NEW BLOOD in this town!

Anonymous said...

Change is good. You want Parete out right? Donaldson and Provenzano (deside?) are both in over their heads and voted for the jail. Provenzano just wants more jobs to go to her family. Where are the people who will actually bring change?

Anonymous said...

Jeanette is currently the Majority Anne Marie she holds a leadership position and that's not good enough. So sshe is challenging her friend for chair.

Anonymous said...

Correction the Democratic Caucus does NOT choose the chair person it is done by the entire legislature and remember Noonan has 14 soldiers in camp.

Anonymous said...

10:10 Just because both of their last names end with a vowel doesn't mean that they are related to one another. Next thing you known you will be saying that they are a part of the mafia. For future reference please check your facts before you make such a false and baseless statement.

Anonymous said...

Yes Jeanette - with all those years you've put in the legislature you've "earned" the "right" to challenge Dave for Chairman.

Hear that eveyone? Jeanette has the right to be more powerful than ever before! Who needs to think about consequences in this situation? forget peace! Who needs reason? Nevermid unity!

Let's also NOT think about all the wonderful things she's done lately to help the democrats. We just loved all those sweet little emails blasts from her reminding us to support Vincent Bradley. We also loved it when she screamed at the officers back in May saying that we "didn't know what the hell we were doing" in not granting Bradley the WP. We love that she steamrolls over everone in the legislature to get her way. Yes, giving her the chairmanship is a great move!

Anonymous said...

If Donaldson or Provenzano go to Noonan for votes, they will be worthless to the caucus. If your caucus does not support you, take it like a "man" and move on. Stand by the caucuses wishes. If they go to the other side for help, they will be no better than the Bradley supporters that everyone hates so much.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Provenzano is right. There is a process to choose leadership positions within the caucus.

It's just too bad that this process allows any traitorous individual to challenge an incumbent leader.

After attempting to subvert the will of the entire County Committee, by conspiring with the County Chair to attempt to unlawfully appoint non-voting members as voting members to the Executive Committee; and then acting illegally, against the by-laws of the County Committee, to actively support a non-Democrat for this election cycle's top position on the ballot, she has earned the right to be booted from the County Committee and any leadership post whatsoever.

Stand down Mrs. Provenzano, you've caused entirely too much dissention and ill will already. We don't need your brand of "leadership" any more.

mary t said...

1:13 sounds like a very bitter individual. Of cource she speeks no truth. lets see in the City of Kgn. that provinzano represents the city committee, mayor jim sottile, jim noble, most all alderman and congressman hinchey, assembly cahil all supported bradley, a registered democrat. I see, provinzano should have went with the vile distructive, loughmouth people with their own agenda and atititudes of many that support JB blog. mary t

ralph childers said...

I wish Provenzano or any Parete or other supporter from that really large group that boasts about all the Bradley signs that were, and still are, scattered around the county... would collect them one of these days.

Anonymous said...

How about a moritorium on nepotism? The county is not an employment agency for family members of department heads, elected officials and close friends.

Jeannette should be ashamed of herself for pushing the Conservative candidate. She, Parete, Cahill and Hinchey have done the party a tremendous disservice by backing Vincent Dadley, Jr.

She is out of her mind to think she has the vision to lead the party. She is blinded by power. We don't need that.

Anonymous said...

mary t: I'm not vile and Provenzano represents her constituants not the city committtee. People do not like Jeanettee she is nasty and extremly arrogant. By the way Kevin Cahill, a Democrat supported Jonathan Sennett.

along time dem said...

att 4:44 enough of this hatefull, slander on people you don't like, support or blam for results you brought on the democratic party being divisive, intolerant. what you blame others for including provinano you are guilty of yourself. stop, read and listen to what you say. it is short of insane. its obvious you want everyone out of the party except those that agree with you. move on, do something positive for a change. along time dem.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy stop with the petty BS
and crap......Do I have to get my political news from Clark??

When were you going to break the news that Kingston own Felon called it quits on his Public Access TV Show?? Now that is news.
On less GOP Scumbag that rides the
free airwave.

NOW when is the Pimple and OBD
[Old Big Dick] going to give it up.
One night my disabled daughter had them on and OBD picked his nose.
What a bunch of slobs. Hey OBD I
dont give a shit if you voted for Grant or your shitty old stories

Anonymous said...

If Donaldson, or anyone else can not hold onto a leadership position, they are not doing a good job of leading. Doesn't that make sense? Why would they vote to remove him? If he deserved to be there, he would stay.

Bonnie Landi said...

What an unfortunate turn of events we find ourselves immersed in. The name calling, mudslinging, nonsensical back & forth emails is just so ridiculous. What has happened to our democratic process? How have we reached this juncture where bullying tactics seem to be the norm? When disparaging remarks are spewed out by people in such a nasty manner about a well-respected individual like Jeanette Provenzano, it is shameful.

Jeanette has given 18+ years of dedicated service as an Ulster County legislator; not to mention all the years she worked for various elected officials in Ulster County, and she deserves our respect, if nothing else. Instead of “cheap shots” why don’t you all put in the time, and work as long and as hard to get Democrats elected and to be elected. You might sound and appear more intelligent if you do. Stop trying to jump onto the “winning train” we worked so hard to achieve and keep your nasty remarks to yourself. They are not appreciated by most long-standing hard working Democrats who are interested only in fairness, and giving ALL eligible Democrats an equal opportunity.

Jeanette, and quite frankly any other respected, intelligent, hard working Democrat who feels they may be capable enough to be elected Chairman of the Ulster County Legislature, should be able to put their name forth for the position without anyone saying a single thing. Let all those who believe they have the ability to do the job, Jeanette certainly included, step forward and place their name in nomination. Then let those with the RIGHT to cast the votes, decide. Stop your meddling, bullying antics to get “your” point across when you have nothing to do with the process.

And, oh yes, about that vote for U.C. District Attorney. No one who was supporting Vincent Bradley, Jr. ever asked anyone to vote for Bradley, they only asked that the decision be made by ALL Democrats in the primary election. Whatever the outcome of the primary was we would ALL have gotten behind the candidate emerging from the primary vote, and we would have had a Democratic DA sworn in on January 1, 2008. As it turned out, the so-called “chosen” candidate wasn’t as TRUE a Democrat as he had you all thinking he was. What a hypocrisy. When all of you, who are so righteous and nasty, spend the 30+ years that many long-standing loyal Democrats have spent working hard for respected Democratic elected officials like Maurice Hinchey, then perhaps you will be respected and listened to. I for one long-standing loyal Democrat have no respect for any of you. How dare you speak so disapprovingly about a vote cast by Maurice Hinchey, a man who has spent more than 30 years leading the Democrats of Ulster County with loyalty to his constituents, the courage of his convictions, and ultimate integrity. He, like all FREE Americans, has the right to vote his own beliefs. He didn’t have to make his vote public, that was another FREE choice he made. To imply his right to choose has done a disservice to the UC Democratic party is outrageously ridiculous. Shame on you!

And I am not afraid to sign my name to my remarks, so sign me Bonnie Landi, long-standing, loyal, hard-working Ulster County Democrat.

Anonymous said...


Had a fight with my wife.....She said I had a choice.... Sleep on the couch or watch the Pimple and OBD.... Took the latter....


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In regards to the Pimple

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Two......Stop kissing Bill Reynolds Ass........Earth the pimple........Reynolds thinks you are a asshole when you got elected.
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Anonymous said...

What are the two County races coming up? County Executive and ??? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Bonnie Landi does nothing for the party. Did not file a single petition for any candidate this year. Never shows up to committee meetings, just the convention. Mrs. Landi's claim to fame is the Dem Women's group that she started becasue she was unhappy that the group was supporting Sennett.

I attended the first meeting and it was the usual suspects : Landi, DiBella, Provanzano, Ronga(she's ok)how's the membership drive going? Dismal would be an understatement.

Anonymous said...

Hinchey is a philanderer.

Left two wives in the dust.

Anonymous said...

Landi is a moron who spews hatred left and right. I'm glad she puts her name out for everyone to ridicule! Note to bone-head, those of us who don't put our names are not self-serving. We don't have axes to grind or arch-nemisis lurking around every corner. We are the ones that count,you are just the pawns. You have worked too long to be so stupid that you would throw an election to get your way. It's time you retired before you elect more republicans. Your money comes from us. When you bite the hand that feeds you....

Anonymous said...

Bonnie, what has happend to our democratic process? How about what has happend to HUMANITY! It is unbelievable the amount of hate spewed on this site. The level of talk by some here, is on par with a 3 year old, trying out some new 'bad words' he heard at day care.

Jeremy, politically, no are no fan of Rich, and you would let him know that in his face. That's OK. But on a personal level, you would NEVER repeat some of the stuff that is vomited here by some really angry people. But, you allowing it to be posted, is the same.

Please Jeremy, STOP THE CRAP. Or remove the moderation option, at least then you can claim you are not responsible for what is posted here. So long as you moderate the speach, is can be said you are endorsing the speach.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh. What a long-winded piece of progaganda from Bonnie Landi.

Who has the patience to read that crap?

Tip: it's a blog, so keep your comments short and simple if you want people to read. Otherwise you're waisting your time.

Anonymous said...

Bonnie...Vince did not win at the convention and therefore did not deserve to primary as a non enrolled candidate. Read the rules.

If all dems should vote then scrap the convention. You can't have it both ways. Only one team wins the world series.

In the end...dems did decide Bradley was not a worthy opponent. You are not a loyal Democrat. A loyal Democrat would have backed the party's nominated candidate.

You can try to justify it in any way you want in your mind. Dems lost.

Anonymous said...

Clint Brown would make a good Chairman.


Anonymous said...

Hinchey is philandering again - a UC employee.

Anonymous said...

ya know - the Dems are fighting enough as it is, and along comes Jeanette to add fuel to the fire - of all times to challenge someone (and of all people), why wouldn't she try to unify instead of further dividing the party? She's suffering from Bratley Syndrome - "I don't give a shit about the party or unity, I only care about myself."

A good Democrat in morning over all this nasty e-mails. said...

10:40--grow up, you haven't got a clue. Donaldon is the divider with out a doubt. Your the reason unity is imposible - let it go, foul mouth and name calling gets us on where. cut it out. enjoy the holiday, give thanks for all we have and pray for a better attitude.

Loretta Snyder said...

why does ucdw keep spreading the propaganda that Dem's supported Bradley on the conversative line, nope it was the independence line, which by the way many dem's had also. some dem's also had the conservative line. In fact it was the president of the women's club that suggested Dem's vote for Bradley on the Independence line with her crazy e-mails.I was sent copies of her ramblings

Anonymous said...

I didn't see anything in Landi's remarks that "spews hatred left and right, only common sense. She even invited "any other respected, intelligent, hard working Democrat who feels they may be capable enough to be elected Chairman of the Ulster County Legislature to put forth their name in nomination". Doesn't sound like a "moron" (an offensive term that deliberately insults somebody’s intelligence)to me.

Hatred, seems to be coming from you, get a life!

Anonymous said...

- "A good Democrat in morning over all this nasty e-mails. said... 10:40--grow up, you haven't got a clue. Donaldon is the divider with out a doubt. Your the reason unity is imposible - let it go, foul mouth and name calling gets us on where. cut it out. enjoy the holiday, give thanks for all we have and pray for a better attitude."

Mrs. Provenzano - It is very self-serving of you to post this drivel, but not unexpected. For you to attempt to point out name-calling and foul-mouthedness in others is quite ironic. Good luck in your quest for chairpersonship. Should you win (which is a distinct possibility considering the panderers and cowards serving in the Dem caucus), expect to be challenged at every turn. You will be exposed for the dim-witted bully you really are.

From a Real Democrat.

Anonymous said...

"...grow up, you haven't got a clue..."

hey, same thing she said at the exec comm meeting. good catch "Real Democrat"

Anonymous said...

5:07 - Why is Donaldson the divider? Jeanette is the challenger, thereby forcing the caucus to choose sides. And, it's not "Your the reason...", it's "You're the reason..." If you're going to make an argument, please write as if you got out of the Third Grade; otherwise, no one can take you seriously. You sound about as intelligent as Jeanette.

Anonymous said...

If Donaldson is so great and the Democrats love him so much, why is Provenzano or anyone else able to mount a challenge? It does not add up. If he were a true leader who was respected by his party, this would not be a subject. A better candidate for Chairman could take either of them out. Donaldson does not know how to compromise. He wins or loses, period. He has no leadership skills whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

If you think Dave is bad, Jeanette would be far worse. Her challenge is credible because the Paretes are against Dave and Jeanette has made a lot of deals and promises (like Brian Cahill for Majority Leader when he's only been a legislator for one term).

Anonymous said...

Donaldson has Zimet and Rodiquez who are against Jeannette so I guess they are even. In any democratic election you need more than 1/2 of the votes to win. Any legislator can run for chair or majority leader. If the majority of the Democrats want Provenzano as chair, that is what they want. That is how democracy works. He who gets the most votes wins. Someone has to lose. Accept it and move on.

Anonymous said...

9:10 -'ve only stated the obvious. The problem is that there is so much infighting, Jeanette is proving that she's a self-centered brat. There's no need for her to take over - she'll just be a puppet for the Paretes. And just like Rich Parete dividing the caucus when he went for it last year, she'll re-divide the caucus - plus she'll be awful. Kevin Cahill stated in his e-mail about letting the party heal; she's picking a scab which will prolong any healing. This isn't the right time or the right fight for her.

Anonymous said...

9:10 AM said:
"That is how democracy works. He who gets the most votes wins. Someone has to lose. Accept it and move on."

Does everyone else here appreciate the irony of this statement (from a bradley supporter who lost miserably four times and refused to accept it) as much as I do.

Mrs. Provenzano is a self-agrandizing ego-maniac with no regard for anyone but herself.

"Leader" ??? What a joke...

Anonymous said...

12:05 Irony? Not really. I wrote that and I am NO Bradley supporter. I am not Mrs. Provenzano either.

I hate fucking know it alls.

Judith said...

Please eliminate the anonymous option. There are too few people in this blog who are willing to take an open stand for what they write. People can sign only their first name,if need be.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that the behavior exhibited by Jeanette Provenzano both as an elected legislator and as a Democratic Committee Person is unacceptable. This kind of failure in leadership and party disloyalty is at the rotten core of this party's problems. The last thing that democratic legislators should do is to reinforce this kind of behavior by electing her as the Chairwoman of the Ulster County Legislator.

Perhaps there is a need for change in leadership but she is definately
not the right legislator for the job.

I personally think Dave Donaldson has done an excellent job. What's truly troubling is that it's so clear that Jeanette views this as an entitlement rather then whether it's good for the party or anyone else.