Wednesday, November 14, 2007

DiBella Taken to School

Majority Leader Reynolds will keep his post after DiBella has announced she is not going to challenge the senior Democrat from Kingston's 7th ward. In reality DiBella never had a shot at taking taking the leadership position away from Reynolds to begin with but that is neither here nor there. We congratulate Reynolds on his reelection to the leadership's well deserved.

DiBella, the Majority Whip, paid the price for her attempt to betray Reynolds, our congratulations to Jennifer Ringwood the new Majority Whip. If DiBella had spent a little more time at the Tom Hoffay School of Poli Scie, she would of known, Politics 101, don't go for a leadership position or release a piece of legislation unless you know ahead of time you have the votes. This should be the end of it, lesson learned, January 1st it's time to do the people's business.


Anonymous said...

Check out Cahill's blog. Apparently, DiBella got a political whipping from Reynolds. Gotta love it!!

Anonymous said...

I told DiBella don't do it. Reynolds is smarter and a stronger more central leader.

Anonymous said...

I have a Master's from the Hoffey School of Poltical Science - 1996

Renolds on the other hand has his phd from Hoffey Univ. - 91 with honors.

Anonymous said...

Reynolds is my brotha from another mother. Congrats!

Grady from Henry St.

Anonymous said...

DiBella would hurt her own brother if it meant advancing her own political career

Anonymous said...

maybe AMD will lose her Laws and Rules Committee Chair too??

Blabs? what do you think?

Jeremy Blaber said...

Committee apointments and chair spots are done through Council President Jim Noble so who knows...seems unlikely. DiBella has done a goo job as chair anyway.

Anonymous said...

When will traitor DiBella be forced to resign her seat on the Democratic Committee?

Anonymous said...

Sottile and Noble put her up to challenging Bill - they'll give her whatever she wants. That's why she's such a crybaby - she's always gotten what she wanted. Time to grow up...

Anonymous said...

Who cares what LD Thinks. Any man
that plays with dolls like he does
is not 'all there'

Anonymous said...

When Madsen talked of challenging Reynolds, he lost the Majority Whip position to DiBella and he was also removed as Public Safety Chair.

So, it would not be surprising if we have a new L&R chair come January. Blaber is right when he says that Noble makes the call. However, he bases his decision upon input from the Majority and Minority Leader

Anonymous said...

F**k the Minority Leader

Anonymous said...

It was Noble's and Sottile's idea to challenge Reynolds; there's no way Noble wouldn't keep DiBella as chair of L&R. They did to her what Parete, Cahill and Sottile did to Bradley - make a promise they couldn't keep. They assured Bradley the nomination - it didn't happen; now they assured DiBella they could get her the votes - and it didn't happen. Noble will completely by-pass Reynolds for chair assignments - that'll be his revenge.

Anonymous said...

I love it when Democrats fight like this. Keep up warring you liberal communist bastards so the Republicans can regain the majority in Kingston and Ulster County, and in NY!!

Get rid of John Parete, Dibella, Sottile...Purge everyone, yes!!!

Democrats are the best friends we Republicans have. Be nice to Democrats, as they will soon be extinct. Take pictures of them so everyone can remember what the looked like.

I just got back from my trip into the near future and these were the people in charge when I got there. ;)

Chairman: Noonan
County Executive: Geurin
Mayor: Polacco
Majority Leader: Teetsel (5-4)
DA: Bruhn Jr.
Congress: Tom Libous
Senate 39th: Mills
Assembly 101: Still Cahill (Can't win em all)
Governer: Guliani
President: Hillary Clinton (her victory was the best thing ever to happen to republicans!!!!) Vote for Hillary....elect Republicans!!

Yours Truly,
Sam Beckett and Albert 'Al' Calavicci

*Post this one, Blabber!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To 629:

If you must post at least get the names right.

Pimple lost all wards

Anonymous said...

Pimple lost, but made a good showing.
In reality, if it were a fair playing field, he would have won. The enrollment advantage to the Demos should have led to a crushing victory.

Didn't happen. And you should be concerned. Next time pimple might run in an open seat, against an even less desirable candidate, and an even angrier electorate.

He *could* actually win.

Think about it! Mayor Pimple. Your worst nightmare come true.

Vote 3rd parties only!!!