Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Join Mike Hein's Kick-Off Campaign Celebration for County Executive

Mike Hein will host his campaign kick-off for Ulster County Executive, on December, 6th at the Hillside Manor. The event is from 6-8 and you must reserve by December 1st. Tickets are 75 dollars per person. Hein has received the endorsement of Mayor James Sottile and U.C. Treasurer Lew Kirschner.

R.S.V.P. to:

The Committee to Elect Mike Hein,

P.O. Box 3005

Kingston, NY 12402

Just a final disclaimer: Mike Hein is seeking the Democratic nomination for Executive so I am posting this event and will post other events for our Democratic candidates. Anyone who say that I'm supporting a certain candidate is wrong. I'm staying completely neutral and will make a decision in March when all the candidates have announced and the people have had time to hear from all of them.


Anonymous said...

Will any of the Democrats be able to enjoy Thanksgiving with their family or THE PROCESS being so demanding, will they be on the campaign trail, trick or treating with literature for Nov.2008...

Anonymous said...

You've been pretty fair so far but you are a little nicer (if that's a word), when you discuss Mike Hein. Why not admit that you like the guy? Don't beat around the bush!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of beating around the Bush,you havn't mentioned Pete Kearney for the exec position. I understand he is free and has spent two lifetimes in the building. He is both venerable and volatile and could well become a marionette gone wild, very similar to our beloved President.

Anonymous said...

I like Mike. It's early, though. Let the process play out. Maybe if the Democrats actually allow a primary next time, should one be necessary, then the eventual winner would have a great chance to go on and beat whatever mothball the GOP can pull out of the closet.

From an Anonymous Bradley Voter who would have voted for Sennett if he had won the primary that never was so don't make that mistake again, ok?

Anonymous said...

Word is that Blaber is going over to the pimples house for Thanksgiving.

Will you sit next to OBD?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the pimple walking around the other day with a
'G UNIT' Jacket on?

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous. Less than 1 month after election day. Who the Hell is advising this knucklehead?

Anonymous said...

I heard through the grapevine kevin cahil and maurice hinchey had a fund raiser last week for he 2008 election. I thought kevin thought it was to early to campaign. kevins mantra, do as i say not as i do.

Anonymous said...

To the 5:36 blogger who thinks he's could only ever be the infamous richard parete.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, at the end of day it all comes down to money.

Who has the money to put their source of income on hold for a year of campaigning and support themselves from savings or assets rather than needing to earn a living?

Who has the money to travel back and forth across the county trying to convince the public that they are worthy of support?

Who has the money to advertise and politic through to the nomination and then have enough money left to wage a battle in the general election?

Who of us could put our jobs and lives on hold to run for office for a year? How would we pay our bills?

We are left with the wealthy and privileged running for office because they are the ones who can afford the process.

We are left with elected officials running for higher office because they are the ones who can put their "official" duties on hold while they campaign and campaign and campaign.

When Mike Hein was on the steps of the courthouse announcing his candidacy, who was back in the county office building minding the store?

Someone who is not running for office, that's who.

As to the idea that we should abandon the convention and just go right to a big primary, it sounds nice in principle, but the truth is far more complicated.

Primarys cost money that many qualified candidates simply do not have. The convention gives an opportunity to the less wealthy candidates to impress and convince the party of the merits of their candidacy without the insane expenses.

The main reason to avoid a primary is to conserve assets to use for November. If valuable assets are used up fighting for the nomination, leaving nothing for the election, the republicans walk away with the election.

Let them all line up, let them come and speak. Reserve judgment until we have heard them all.

With all the animosity and resentment about the republican agenda, the executive race should be a cakewalk. Lets try not to screw this one up.

Anonymous said...

To 5:20...I have to disagree with you completely. First, the people at the convention are not even close to representative of the dem party. Second, by the time the convention comes around, many of the people on the committee are working for one or another candidate...and when I say working I mean they are getting paid. So who are they voting for as committee people, the best candidate with the best chance of winning, or the one that will keep paying them. Third, yes a primary will cost money, but it will also help the winner tremendously by getting their name out there early and forcing them to define their stances on issues early in the campaign, which will not only help them but also those voting for them. At the end of the day this is going to be about name recognition and qualifications and a primary will help the dem candidate with both of those things. Finally, after the convention fiasco orchestrated by the committee last year, I am not comfortable with them deciding who MY candidate is. I want a vote in the primary. I hope we have a primary and everyone of the people interested in running gets in it. This dem. committee has proven to be guided by personal and/or financial agendas and does not have the goal of electing democrats to office as its main objective. Until it does regain its main objective, which is to get democrats elected, it is obselete.

Anonymous said...

To 5:20 pm

Ask Judge Mary Work if she thinks a primary is not beneficial, especially to get yourself well-known as she did in the primary. She ultimately went on to win the general election.

A Primary helps the voter to really get to know those that are running for the position.

Give ALL democrats an opportunity to use the primary election to get to know their candidates, and let the candidate worry about where the money comes from. I am sure if they want the job they will get the resources to run in a primary.

Anonymous said...

All Democrats have the opportunity to primary. The Wilson/Pakula waiver should only be used in very rare situations when we don't have a legitimate Democrat running.

That was not the case this year and therefore the vote to deny Mr. Bradley the waiver was totally approriate. We protected our Democratic candidate.

The Conservative Party did exactly the same thing. They denied Mr. Carnright the W/P waiver to protect their candidate, Mr. Bradley.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that Al Spada will be working the door of this event.

Anonymous said...

>To the 5:36 blogger who thinks >he's could only >ever be the infamous richard >parete

Close. Rich is a great legislator and an all around decent guy who we are lucky enough to have serve us in District 3.

Anonymous said...

>Rumor has it that Al Spada will >be working the door of this event.

Anyone would consider themselves very fortunate to have such a wonderful man like Al "work the door", as you so put it.

I personally have the most respect and admiration for Al Spada.

But, Al is retired now, and those of you, like the idiots who write the pablum that spews out of the Daily Freeman these days, should leave Al to relax and enjoy the golden days of his life. The man gave over 40 years in selfless service to our community and desrves nothing but fond memories and best wishes.


A "Spada" Democrat

Anonymous said...

Spada is a fucking crook, he was forced to retire after his office was busted for giving licenses to illegal imigrants. Spada is a damn crook who has screwed the taxpayers long enough!

Anonymous said...

if spada is retired, i am george washington.

Anonymous said...

Who said anything about a Wilson Pakula waiver? You committee people just can't get over this can you. You need to let that die...Your seamless "protection" of the dem candidate cost that same dem candidate the election and you all know it. That made a lot of sense. At this point, it is ancient history,let it one cares anymore. This is why this committee has become powerless.

Anonymous said...

Hein and Spada ate lunch together on 11/2/2007. I saw them. 4 days before election day.

Anonymous said...

1:17 Do you know how idiotic you sound?