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Daily Freeman Endorses Holley Carnright



Anonymous said...

Freeman supports the front runner so they can be right, Ulster Publishing supports the anti establishment candidate. No surprises there.

Anonymous said...

Worse than no support, the Freeman chastised Bradley for disrepecting the party he was trying to invade. This blog has been saying that for months.

His career in politics is shot and so is any good will he developed in the Manhattan DAs office. He made a mockery of Morganthaus name. Bow out Vince or you will be a four time loser as the hometown boy. Not a good reputation to have anywhere.

Anonymous said...

The Freeman is short on facts and long on opinion.

The reality is that the state says cases should be completed in 6 months. It takes cases in Ulster County 18 months. Sennett is saying prosecute crime more effeciently and effectively...weigh the evidence earlier and use resources for more serious cases before using them on minor offenses. That means plea bargaining when appropriate and in the best interests of justice. Otherwise the system will collapse.

That means attacking gangs and drug dealers from the top down. Anyone selling drugs or alcohol to a minor will be dealt with severely. That means targeting cocaine and heroine sales and use first. This means prosecuting and preventing deadly domestic violence before jay walking.

How anyone can say a senior ADA from the Bronx is weak on crime is astonishing. Perhaps Sennett's method can work here with a new set of criminal and social problems.

As for the age is not the number as much as is an outdated style of prosecuting. Holley's dismissal of the role of technology shows he is out of touch. It would be like a newspaper that ignores the impact of the Internet on changing ways of reporting and distributing news.

Reading between the lines, the Freeman says Holley's second in command will need to be a good trainer, leader and implementer of technology. Why then do we need the guy with no bark or no bite?

The jail investigation will require someone without longstanding ties to the community or political party. A $40 million dollar theft under republican watch is something that Carnright cannot investigate objectively. The reason Williams had his support pulled out from under him because he wanted to investigate the jail.

Too bad that the Freeman wants business as usual. Ira wants someone to help him when he gets a speeding ticket driving up to bemoan the death of journalism on WAMC. At least he is not so technology phobic that he can use email and a blog.

Old solutions cannot be used to fix new problems. Ulster Publishing made the right choice.

Anonymous said...

Democrats unite with Sennett or you will be called Dumbocrats.

Anonymous said...

Carnright has the same incentives on the jail situation as Williams. The support that got pulled from Williams went to Bradley not Carnright.

Anonymous said...

the Freeman finally called Bradley out. That IS a Major surprise -wow

Hello, That's what we've been saying all along

Anonymous said...

The Freeman is more concerned about marijuana than the more serious crimes this county faces. Leave it to the right-winged rag to still believe everything in "Reefer Madness". Forget the gangs, etc., smoking pot is the city's and county's biggest problem, right Ira?

Anonymous said...

After reading so much criticism of the Freeman over the past few months I am finally on the band wagon.

After opening its editorial by describing all three candidates as "well-qualified and thoughtful" it then contradicts itself with criticism of both Sennett and Bradley. Sennett for not knowing anything about the people of Ulster county and Bradley for splitting the Democratic party.

It seems to me that the freeman would rather have endorsed Bradley or Sennett but just didn't have the courage to make the tough decision. So it took the cowardly option and and endorsed the weakest candidate.

This endorsement makes the Republicans happy while at the same time, doesn't piss off either side of the democratic split. If they had endorsed Sennett or Bradley, they would have pissed off half the Democrats and all of the Republicans.

Talk about playing politics, the Freeman just took over first place.

Anonymous said...

Right on 9:19... "Freeman is short on facts and long on opinion".
I think you have pointed out the major areas where they opined rather than backed up their choice with facts.
One minor item I think they distorted to the benefit of their opinion was the hanging up his shingle statement. Sounds like he just went out and started a practice 30 years ago, but what I remember is that the shingle read more like Carnright & Carnright. One of those names was another daddy, reminding me of the judge I have heard so much about.
Sennett has stood, and is standing, on his own two feet.

Anonymous said...

Now we know why the Freeman will be out of business in 5 years.

Middletown Record, Kingston Edition?
Poughkeepsie Journal, Ulster Edition?
Ulster County Press Daily?

Who needs em?

Buh Bye Freeman

Ulster Publishing Reader

Anonymous said...

Oh, this has GOT to burn you libs. The Freeman endorsing Carnwright, and supposedly Sottile. Can't fault the Freeman for being biased on this one. If it were Bradely and Sottile, then one could say the Freeman want to keep the Boys Club in power.

Anonymous said...

Ulster County Press is far superior to the Freeman and the Record,when it goes daily I'll gladly subscribe. Sign me up Rich.

Anonymous said...

With this editorial true Democrats will unite behind Jonathan Sennett. Bradley and the Democratic leadership has been finally called out and will pay dearly next year. Bradley is totally done on the county level, Sottile will give him something to do. Bradley's Conservative vote is taken from Carnright. Get on those phones and call all Democrats and NOP's that are repulsed by politics as usual.

If Sennett was never to get the Freeman nod, this is the best boost he could get, let's take advantage of it.

Anonymous said...

Actually I am one of those libs. I am pleased that Freeman called out Bradley -his opportunism, his presumptuous candidacy, his shady connections and riding on daddy's coat tails. I knew they would never come out for Sennett but at least they called out Bradley for the pathetic little prick that he is.

Anonymous said...

To 2:12pm

I couldn't agree more. The Pojo is by far a better newspaper and they expand coverage during times like this. The readers who pay 50 cents for the paper feel that they get bigger bang for the buck, so to speak. DJ keeps the same old format - day in and day out. What a gossip paper? Buy the Daily Freeman. Want a newspaper? Buy Pojo!

Anonymous said...

Back in July, under the name "anonymous" I posted here in Blaber-land that Mr. Carnwright has some support in Saugerties and the city of Kingston, plus mindless partisan support among loyal Republican voters who would vote for the preverbial ham-sandwich on the GOP line, and that's about it. As a county-wide candidate running only on the Republican line I figure he has locked up 27% - 30% of the vote (+/-.)
(A moderately popular Republican running county-wide with the Conservative line can count on roughly 33-35% of the vote.) To extend beyond his Republican (and Conservative) support, Carnwright would have had to become much "more persuasive, charismatic and interesting, spend a fortune and run to the right of Vincent Bradley." Unfortunatly for the GOP, he might have run to the right but he didn't get much notice.

Despite the Freeman's endorsement (lipstick on a political corpse) the fact is that Carnwright has been a lackluster candidate, overshadowed by the Sennett and Bradley contest. (I understand that the State Republican Campaign Committee pulled out a week ago when polling indicated Carnwright didn't have a pulse.) Why is it that Democrats (enrolled and aspiring) are more energetic and run more enthusiastic contests?

Back in July, I noted "If Conservative-Independent candidate Vincent Bradley competes with Jonathan Sennett for mainstream Democrats and progressives, Bradley risks losing the votes of Conservatives who will gladly leave him in a heartbeat for Carnwright." I noted that when asked about reproductive freedom, Bradley looked uncomfortable and choked out that he is "pro-choice" which had to alienate Bonnie Hewett and the litmus-test Conservatives. In the closing days of the campaign, evidently Bradley though his best case was that Jon Sennett has not always been an enrolled Democrat just like Bradley. This was an exceedingly silly sales-pitch, and barely rises to the level of a negative campaign message. Who was advising this guy? John Parete?

So, this campaign is drawing to a close. Bradley probably locked up some Democratic support from city Democrats, Coleman graduates, etc., but it would be a Catholic miracle if Bradley even doubled the highest vote total for a county-wide candidate running on the Conservative and Indy party lines. Together, double would get Bradley up to about 12% of the vote. Twelve percent doesn't make a winner, but it could make a spoiler.

However, Democrats are "coming home" to join progressives in their party who will vote for Jon Sennett, who on balance made this a real race about real issues. Even the Daily Freeman (cheerleader for Bradley till they endorsed Carnwright) conceded that Sennett is qualified. During the campaign, Sennett established a real political brand name for himself. No candidate worked harder, and I think Sennett's race actually grew the Democratic party.

Here goes: Anonymous' election eve prediction-

Sennett 50% - 44%
Carnwright 33% - 36%
Bradley 12% - 14%
Blank (no vote) 5% -6%

Anonymous said...

Carnright never managed more than 2 employees, and was never responsible for more than himself and a secretary. He worked for his dad for years not a boss. He has not prosecuted in 25 years. He never put a budget together for a large county department. He wants the higher salary to bump up his pension. The Freeman is all wet on this one.

Bruce Tuchman said...

The Freeman missed this one:


9 1/2 years working for Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau
One of the most respected DA's in the country

Vince was chosen as 1 of 20 Senior Investigators out of 500 attorneys in the office

Proven Prosecutor at all levels in NYC working with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies

Personal experience investigating & prosecuting construction fraud.

Personal experience prosecuting gang members & drug runners.

Personal experience investigating & prosecuting organized crime.

Certified Public Account with years of experience "following the money"

Used the most current law enforcement technology available

Spent his entire legal career as a prosecutor

Proven ability to administer the large, publicly funded DA's office

Tough on Crime to keep our families safe.

He can do the job and do it well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blaber - I posted yesterday and it is not up. BD

Anonymous said...

8:54 - I love your prediction, but I'm a bit more of a pessimist (then I'm never disappointed) - I give Bradley 27%, Carnright 35%, Sennett 38% - I hope you're right and I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

From the Freeman:

"If elected, Carnright would do well to give serious consideration to his second in command, with an eye both to the staffing and training of subordinates, but also in keeping the office current with technology that enhances efficiency."

Is there a job for Vince there? I mean, playing spoiler he could give Holley the win...

Anonymous said...

Sennett - 42%
Carnright - 39%
Bradley - 19% (if he's lucky)

Lots of us got that bradley telephone polling call from "OTR" last week. results were released. Obviously, little bradley fared poorly in the polling.

A good sign for our man Jon. If it had been Carnright in the lead in the polling, little bradley would have surreptitiously leaked the results by now.

Anonymous said...

Just like your July prediction, you confused Carnwright with Sennett.

Anonymous said...


Did Vince lead the Valella case or was it Dan Caselman? My money is with Caselman.

Anonymous said...

Personal experience investigating & prosecuting organized crime.??

I missed that at his website, or did he just make it up?

Anonymous said...

Boy that was some public spanking the Freeman endorsement gave the "hometown boy."

Anonymous said...

tuchman...still delusional I see. Ignorance is bad enough, lies are inexcusable.

"9 1/2 years working for Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau
One of the most respected DA's in the country"

So what? Everybody worked under somebody. The point here is he has ONLY worked under others.

"vince was chosen as 1 of 20 Senior Investigators out of 500 attorneys in the office"

So after 9-1/2 years he finally gets a promotion? That vinny is a real go-getter.

"Proven Prosecutor at all levels in NYC working with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies"

Proven prosecutor? he has so few cases, even fewer of which have gone to trial.

"Personal experience investigating & prosecuting construction fraud."

One case. Plead out.

"Personal experience prosecuting gang members & drug runners."

Not street crime, which is more relevant here. Two cases, also plead out.

"Personal experience investigating & prosecuting organized crime."

One case, plead out. In fact after being indicted for more than 20 felonies, vinny's "team" let the guy walk on one count, the lowest felony. Nice job mr. "tough on crime."

"Certified Public Account with years of experience following the money"

Ho hum....accountancy again. The county has plenty of accountants, don't need one as DA.

"Used the most current law enforcement technology available"

Never happened...LIE.

"Spent his entire legal career as a prosecutor"

No experience from the other side of the table. A very poor "positive."

"Proven ability to administer the large, publicly funded DA's office"

Also never happened...NO administrative or supervisory experience...another LIE

"Tough on Crime to keep our families safe."

Check the record to see that the majority of his team's cases plead out.

"He can do the job and do it well."

And what color is the sky in your world tuchman?

Anonymous said...

Remember back to a by-gone era when the Tuchmans supported Democratic candidates for public office?

How many friends has the abortive Bradley campaign cost them? How much political influence?

Anonymous said...

Tuchman's are persona non grata.

Anonymous said...

Actually Don Williams called in the Attorney General over 2 years ago for the jail investigation. Anyone who cares to know the facts can just call the AG's office and ask. As to who/why pull Williams support isn't an issue here. An outside firm has already been called in and charged us for the investigation it already did....So no we don't need Bradley's investigative experience (he has too many big $$$ players on his team and can't prosecute them fairly-if their involved) Either Jonathan had no large contributors on their filings, nor do they have any information/contributions missing from their filings?? Anybody where all these signs came from--I didn't see any $20-$35K bills on either filing for signs??

Bruce Tuchman said...

What a bunch of putzes you have posting with no names. they have no credibility.

Anonymous said...

Bruce- You are a moron who consistently proves it by posting his name. Everybody knows the idiots by the name Tuchman. If you had ideas that stood on their own,you wouldn't need to ruin your name.

Anonymous said...

At 12:31 AM, bruce tuchman said...
"What a bunch of putzes you have posting with no names. they have no credibility."

Credibility isn't represented by posting a name, but by posting the truth. Something you have no acquaintance with tuchman. You couldn't refute a single fact pointing out your string of lies, so you resort to name calling.

Thank God this will all be over today and you and little vinny and the rest of your ilk can crawl back into your non-Democratic hole and disappear.

Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Vote Bruce Tuchman for Village Idiot!

Anonymous said...

Bradley has not done anything to enhance his families' name.

Anonymous said...

Bradley...Dead Last...Not a bit surprised...

Anonymous said...

Benedict Bradley! Asshole of the year!