Monday, November 05, 2007


Election Day is Tuesday, November 6th, 2007


~ Jonathan Sennett ~
Ulster County District Attorney


Senator Hillary Clinton (NY-D) --

"Jonathan Sennett's experience as a tough prosecutor in the Bronx and a seasoned defense attorney in the Hudson Valley make him the best choice for Ulster County District Attorney."

Senator Chuck Schumer (NY-D) --

"Jonathan Sennett is a tenacious and proactive prosecutor who will be a first-rate District Attorney for the citizens of Ulster County and its law enforcement professionals."

Eliot Spitzer, NY State Governor --

"The people of Ulster County will be well served with Jonathan Sennett as district attorney….I respect his skills as a prosecutor and his dedication to finding cost-effective ways to reduce crime."
Legislator Tracey Bartels - lead legislative investigator on Ulster County Jail fiasco.

NY State Fraternal Order of Police --

"As police professionals who most experience and witness the trauma and effects of criminal behavior upon our fellow citizens, we understand, all too well, the significance of dedicated public servants as [Jonathan Sennett] who possess the courage and compassion to promote the confidence in our government and courts,"
Hudson Valley Area Labor Federation -- "[Sennett has] a solid track record as a prosecutor and a defense attorney."

Ulster County Democratic Women
NY State Democratic Committee
Ulster County Democratic Committee
The Working Families Party
Ulster Publishing -
- Please read the full endorsement here:

Jonathan Sennett has earned his endorsements by being the most highly qualified candidate for Ulster County District Attorney.


•Led a team of ten assistant district attorneys each handling nearly one hundred misdemeanor cases at all times.

•Conducted hundreds of grand jury investigations in cases ranging from gun possession to homicide.

•Prosecuted violent felonies on behalf of civilian and police victims.

•Served as lead or co-counsel in over thirty felony jury trials in cases ranging from gun possession to homicide.

•Experienced in the fields of ballistics, fingerprints and forensic medicine.

•Served as instructor for New York City Police Department Cadets in trial preparation and testifying techniques during training program at New York City's Police Academy.

Assistant Public Defender, Ulster County (March 2006 -Present)


The Courage to Make Needed Changes

•Devote More Resources to Victims of Domestic Violence & Sex Crimes
•Zero Tolerance for Crimes Against Children

•Conduct and Complete a Thorough Investigation of the Ulster County Jail Project
-Unencumbered By Party or Personal Affiliations
-Leave No Stone Unturned
-Lead the Grand Jury to a Just and Fair Conclusion

•Investigate & Prosecute Matters of Public Integrity & Official Corruption

•Modernize and Improve the D.A.'s Office through the Use of Technology in the Office & Courtroom

•Enhance Outreach in the Community

•Improve Communications and Working Relationships with Law Enforcement

•Evaluate Cases Earlier and More Thoroughly For Greater Efficiency

•Utilize Existing Alternatives to Incarceration for Non-Violent Offenders

•Community Based Sentencing

For more info go to:

Election Day is Tuesday, November 6th, 2007.
VOTE and help ensure Ulster County has the best District Attorney!

Thank you,

Friends of Jonathan Sennett


ralph childers said...

Well we are just about done with this campaign so I would like to take this opportunity to complement Jeremy for all his postings on Jon Sennett. I would also like to say that it has been a real pleasure to get to know Jon during the last few months. He has all the relevant timely experience needed to move into the office of District Attorney right now. But even more importantly he has the values and demeanor we need at this crucial juncture in Ulster County history. Republicans at all levels of government - town, county, state and country have worked over the voters and taxpayers of Ulster County. Yes, from the jail to the invasion of Iraq, we are paying a big price. Our kids, and our kid's kids, will be paying off the debt for a long time.
I hope you will do the sensible thing and vote row A all the way on Tuesday. Thanks, ralph

Anonymous said...

He DEFENDS wife and children beaters!

Anonymous said...

At 11:26 AM, Anonymous said...
He DEFENDS wife and children beaters!

He also defended gang members, crooks, and prostitutes. And he did it well, that was his job and he took it seriously, as unpleasant as it may have been. Now he takes that experience to the other side to use it against defense attorneys. I'm glad to have the person with the broadest experience doing the job.

On the other hand, you are defending liars and thieves, and you're not even getting paid for it.

Anonymous said...

No hey vote for my buddies Sottile signs?
What happened to your pal Jeremy, did you tell you to hit the road?
I know you wont post this, but i was just wondering....

Anonymous said...

I will be glad when this is over. I'll vote for him, but I am really really tired of Sennetts face!

Anonymous said...

Reality Check, DEFENDING criminals isn't the same as being a criminal.

Ever read the Constitution? Have a clue who John Adams was and what he did?

Anonymous said...

The constitution states that everyone must receive counsel. How about we re-write the constitution for Bradley.

Anonymous said...

Theocrats don't recognize our constitution. They want to shred it and use their holy law instead.

Anonymous said...

11:26 - you need to read the US Constitution - without defense attorneys, good people like you and me can get arrested, convicted and sentenced. You have to give someone credit who can defend scum - I don't know if I could do that. But, it gives him an advantage as DA; not only does he have prosecutorial experience, but he knows the defense strategies to win cases. The best way to defeat your enemy is to know your enemy. Jon Sennett will be a kick-ass DA!

Anonymous said...

Ever here of Socially Responsible Investing? It's the practice of picking investment funds which, may not pay the best, but are inline with one's personal convictions. ie, not investing with Exxon/Mobile because you think that company is destructive. Well, the same SHOULD be applied to Mr Sennett. He is obviously more interested in making money, than standing by his principles.

Anonymous said...

10:02-it's "hear" not "here", and the company name is "Exxon-Mobil" not "Exxon-Mobile". You are obviously uneducated and have no idea what a principle is. Jon is the only candidate who stands on principle. The principles of our constitution are the most important principles. You have no respect for those principles and continue to post ignorant statements to that effect. Your principles are probably based on your religious texts that are garbled from mis-translation to the point of subverting our secular democracy. Go back and finish high school,a real school with real books. You are not educated. Especially if you think 130 grand is money worth ditching principles for. I've heard that many Bradley supporters were trained in a Madrassa called Coleman. This was not education and it shows by your contempt for democracy. Religious fanaticism is no different than bigotry. You are a disgrace to your country.

Anonymous said...

10:02 PM - Who are you and what are you thinking? Sennett doesn't make any money!!!!! He is a p-t Asst Public Defender, which pays a mere few thousand dollars a year! And his wife also makes like hardly any money in her government job. They have two mouths to feed. He is around median income for this area!

You are crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You Bradley People ARE SO Despirate

Anonymous said...

Also, 10:02, the DA position isn't exactly lucrative at 130.00 per year.

If he wins, his wife would have to quite her job working for the govt, so that would be the only income for a family of four.

Not exactly raking in the dough!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm hoping that Mr Sennet doesn't make a turn to sharply to the left or the right. for you Mr Blaber could be decapitated due to the clost proximity of your head and Mr Sennets ASS.

Anonymous said...

That's the joy of the English language being so redundant, although the spelling was terrible, IT STILL GOT THE POINT ACROSS! If that's all you got, pointing to ones poor spelling, you've already lost.

Spin the salary all you want. Sennett has a business, It's on 169 Main St, New Paltz. His office phone number is on the site. Defense lawyers make a pretty penny.

Anonymous said...

That's why I'm voting for Sennett. No one enters public service for the money. At least not the good ones.

Anonymous said...

The spelling was incidental and illustrative of your limited education.You still fail on your points which are at best anti-american in their content. You are a traitor to your country. Whether or not you can spell.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me all of you...

Mr. Sennett has a private business, but because of all the BULL SH*T that has been going on throughout this election, ESPECIALLY WITH BRADLEY, how do YOU expect him to be able to run a business? In case you didn't know defense attorneys, when their cases go to trial, dedicate hours and hours at a time for weeks at a time to the cause.
You can certainly call the office and speak to his assistant, Mr. Sennett has not been able to take nearly enough or severe cases to make enough money to abandon his principles. He has two daughters and a wife, and when he is not dealing with the stress of this race, he is dealing with the stress of a regular human male.
How dare any of you get on here and say he is a slave to money, you should be ashamed of yourselves, and understand that you are nothing but hypocrits, Bradley has abandoned everything for money, in case you haven't realized this.

DOnt you dare spread smut about Money when it comes to Mr. Sennett, that is the LAST priority he has in running for this, and honestly if you think that salary is worth it, you are crazy, and I can't imagine how little it would take you to go against all that YOU "stand for".

Sennett works hard, he always has, I have known him for years. He takes his job and his life very seriously and thinks that it is important to improve where we live.
He has no obligations to anyone, he wil be no ones puppet, and he certainly will not be making inside deals, OR Paying people to put up his lawn signs.

All of you awefully pitiful people please, just shut your mouths because you don't know what you are talking about, and it's bad enough you can even vote as it is.

Jonathan R. Sennett for District Attorney...

Anonymous said...

I JUST voted for Jon Sennett for DA!!!

All you people get off this blog and Get Out THE VOTE for Jon!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jon Sennett has decieved the public by claiming to be a life long enrolled Democrat when it was untrue. He came to Ulster County and joined the party with momentum for his political gain. I also feel like his arrogance and condescending attitude has hurt him. Jon has come off as brash rather than confident to me. I feel every candidate is qualified to do the job. This election, like most will come down to who do you like or feel most comfortable with. Unfortunately none of the candidates have likeable personalities so I think Vince Bradley Jr. is who I am most comfortable voting for. He has been a prosecuter longer and more recently than any of the other candidates. Holly Carnwright will probaly win because of the division of democratic voters. Maybe if people were worried about the party rather than selfish interests they would have allowed a primary.

Anonymous said...

12:57 AGAIN, Bradley lost fair and square at the convention. Give it a rest. There was no reason to cost the county 100k on a primary for a candidate who has whined his way through the campaign. What has Bradley done as a candidate to gain the confidence of the voters. Nothing.

Why in the world should we re-create the rules or the system for a dopey candidate?

Anonymous said...

There was a fair vote and Bradley lost. Stop lying about it. Only Bradley and his supporters lied and everybody knows it. Give it up.

Anonymous said...

Listen to me u freakin MORONS,
Sennett NEVER said he was a lifelong democrat,
Sennett is not in it for the money,
Sennett has made no back Deals
Sennett has been nothing but HONEST through this WHOLE race its the scum bag Bradley who keeps ruining and making a mockery of the whole damn process.

You all make me sick to my stomach with your ignorance and incompetence, and I dont care what I spelt wrong here, all I know is that at least Im not as ignorant as all of you are who still sit there claiming all these falsities against Sennett, when in FACT it was BRADLEY taking heat because he cant seem to find the truth in any of his lies, and can't even keep straight who the hell endorses him.

All of u Bradley ass kissers, get a life and get the hell outta Ulster County, you are ruining ALL of our good times.

Anonymous said...

U comfy voting for Bradley because ur just as much of a piece of crap as he is.

Anonymous said...

12:52p.m. Do you know how to spell SPOILER? Bradley clearly will come in third. Stop blaming the victim, the rank and file Democrats who have supported Jonathan Sennett with their time, energy and money. Sennett will win, and shortly after the election the process will begin to rid the party of leaders who don't know how to lead.

Anonymous said...

I hope so,it's about time.

Anonymous said...

Exit Polls show that Bradley won.
Stop voting, Stop counting, Congratulations DA Bradley!!!

-Dan Rather

Anonymous said...

Why can't the BOE update the DA Race? No updates for more than 35 minutes.
watch election results here:

Pundit said...


You wouldn't heed or post my predictions

which came true

Carnright wins

Democrats suffer from poor leadership. Bradley suffers from bad advice.

Anonymous said...

Hey Parete...Thanks for losing us 2 seats in the legislature and the DA race, to say nothing of the numerous supervisor and town board seats. What a complete fuck-up you are. Now will you finally admit you were wrong for the way you divided the party?

And quite frankly, Maurice was complicit in this embarassing turn of events.

Thank god we have a new group of Democrats ready to take over the party. Say good-bye John. Can't say it's been fun.

Anonymous said...

So, how soon before Carnright hires Vince as his #2??

He basically gave him the election. He had no chance of winning.

Either there was a deal to split the vote or Vince got some really bad advice. He had no chance of winning, he sullied his family's name and he has nowhere to go.

Only makes sense if he had a soft landing in place...if not as Carnright's #2, then maybe as a copy boy.

Either way, well done Vince!

Anonymous said...

Dear 3:30 PM How right you are/were

The so-called Democrats who persisted in backing Bratley's spoiler attempt succeeded in depriving Ulster County of the kind of vigorous legal scrutiny we need. I am disgusted with our Party's leadership. I vote no to John Parete--a selfish idiot at best, Sue Ronga -- a spineless nonentity who, with the finance chairman, allowed the pillaging of our resources, Karen Markisenis -- who couldn't or wouldn't do anything about anything at all, and all the Paretes, including Mr. Kraft. I suggest the Legislature's Democratic Majority dump their disloyal Majority Leader and Whip at their first opportunity. Maybe tonight? Allow the Dems who lost their seats or Leg races to have at least that much satisfaction.

Pundit said...

Where's my post?

Come on Jeremy.

Don't hide the truth.

Anonymous said...

11:40 - you're 100% right - Parete, Provenzano, Kraft are as disloyal as one can be and it was all for selfish reasons. They have to go - the UCDC needs to clean house - starting from the top!

Anonymous said...

All I got to say, Jeremy, is MEOW for not posting comments