Sunday, November 11, 2007


Richard Cahill, the one term wonder from Kingston's sixth ward who lost his bid for mayor to incumbent James Sottile has vowed to stay active in the local political scene with a new blog: Cahill on Kingston, " if the Democrats thought they could get rid of me by beating me in a "close" mayoral election they're sadly mistaken" exclaimed a bitter Cahill. If I'm not mistaken it was the people that got rid of Alderman Cahill, in what was a foolish attempt by the freshman alderman to run against a well seasoned and well funded poltical power house by the name of Jim Sottile. Alderman Cahill would have easily of been getting ready to serve his second term as alderman of ward six.

Cahill immediately has used his blog to take cheap shots at myself and others including the the city, over it's possible funding of a rehabilitation program that helps former felons to become productive members of society. The program (Save Them Now), is run by a nice man by the name of Ronnie Wade who's program has been very successful in it's efforts. Cahill on this issue and many others, simply can't see the forest from the trees and that is why Kingston sent him packing.

Than again, maybe it's me, I have nothing against Rich Cahill except for serious philosophical differences, and if he is contained on a blog and a public access tv show and out of policy making decisions, then I guess I'm satisfied.


Anonymous said...

I respect Mr. Cahill's continued participation and interest in community affairs, and I hope Mr. Walker, Mr. Ryan, and all of the other folks that were highly visible prior to the recent elections (both Democrat and Republican) stay involved.

As far as the "Church Ministry" proposal, I would refer folks over to the UCP blog (including the entries under Reverend/Alderwoman Whitlock's picture) and Mr. Cahill's blog to evaluate what has been said (blog-wise, with references to pertinent newspaper articles and organizations) on this issue thus far.

Thank you for this blog, as well, J. These blogs are a tremendous public service, whatever one's viewpoints might be.

Anonymous said...

Rich Cahill is a bitter young man; and for the life of me I can't understand why.

Apparently, Rich still doesn't realize that his confrontational personality is among the many reasons why he was overwhelmingly rejected by the voters on election day.

Anyway, I bet by tonight's amateur tv show he and his dad will have convinced themselves that they actually won!

Anonymous said...

"foolish attempt to run"???? What, Sottile deserves to run UNOPPOSED? This election was close, relatively. Compared to 4 years ago, Sottile lost 1000 votes and Rich gained 1000 (over Vetere). With the low numbers of active voters in Kingston, that is a sizeable number, Jeremy.

Anonymous said...

If Cahill has you this upset over a simple blog site, then you need to reevaluate. You are overreacting like Sottile would.

Cahill ran well. He tells me that you told him that on Election Night. In 4 years, he might try again and certainly his results will improve.

Finally, what's nasty about his blog site? He simply said he is not leaving politics. Then he opposes another group home. I think he's right. If you paid property taxes, you would too.

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Anonymous said...

We do not need a Prison Halfway house in Kingston.

Yet, another example of another proposal for more property off the tax rolls. Send the idea to some other town - like the Town of Ulster.

We, in Kingston, can not afford it!

Anonymous said...

Cahill for County Exec!! We can get Bradley to run on the Conservative line and Cahole is a shoe-in!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why should someone with a point of view different than the Mayor's be forced to leave Dodge? You guys want it all. Are you going to hunt down and lynch those who voted against the Mayor in last week's election?