Sunday, February 28, 2010


Things have been hectic will update blog during the week

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Anonymous said...

JB...Don't know where this may fit, but a suggestion would be to change the title of “Cahill on Kingston” to “Cahill on Cahill” because he always manages to capitalize on an opportunity to seek recognition on someone else’s hard work, energy and drive and make it political. It was not his brainchild to institute a City-wide Neighborhood Watch Program, yet he jumps on the bandwagon as if it were. Why doesn’t he tell the people that he will stop at nothing to seek notoriety and make everything a political forum because he wants to aspire to mayor in 2011 and he doesn’t care who he steps on along the way. I say SCAT Richard because anything he attaches his name to turns people off. He has so much to say about the neighborhood watch program, but where was he at the meeting points to hand out flyers to the residents this Sunday? Yet, another excuse that he was conveniently out of town or he already bought his fund raising tickets like we have heard him spew so many times before? Quite frankly, we are tired of his excuses. Put up or shut up. Don’t elude the public with his pretense of being concerned for the welfare of the residents, when it is only about him and his warped desire to become the leader of this City. It is time for his motives to be exposed. FYI.. This will be forwarded to other blog masters in the hopes that they will post if he refuses.