Monday, February 08, 2010

WTF? Gov Paterson to Resign Over Sex Scandal?!

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Rumors are swirling around Albany that a major sex scandal involving Governor David Patterson is about to break, which could force the Governor to resign.

More as it develops... It's so sad, and you wonder why young adults do not get involved or stay involved in local government. Or why there is such a low opinion of public officials nationwide. Let's be honest, I am not some young kid that thinks one guy can change the state or country.
For the most part, I am a hired political gun, some would say how I make a living is part of the problem with politics and government but there are few public officials, more on a local level than state, that I truly beleive in and respect. One of them was and still is Eliot Spitzer. I was absolutly heart broken and shocked when Eliot Spitzer resigned from the office of Governor. Many people like myself put in time and beleived that this guy could make a difference and he did and would of continued to, if not for the problems in his personal life hat forced him to resign, letting down a lot of New Yorkers that put their trust in him.

As for David Paterson, it's almost a joke, the guy is whining that he has no support and that he is the poor blind governor that is being pushed out of office and than he goes and is involved in a scandal that is rumored to make Eliot look like Mother Theresa. I honestly can say it didn't surprise or even phase me at all. And, I like Paterson but it just shows the lack of confidence the Governor has with the NYers becasue I think many people will share my sentiments and just brush this scandal off as, to paraphrase one of my favorite movies, just another Albany Tale of a crooked pol. Is that what we have come to, where it does not surprise or phase people that two governors in a four year period had to resign in disgrace and that the Attorney General is the only state-wide official that has been duly elected by voters.

As Sonny would say in the A Bronx Tale, (the movie I quoted above)Eliot Spitzer, Alan Hevisi, David Paterson: WASTED TALENT


Anonymous said...

Rumor is the key word. Why not wait until the facts are in? This rumor surfaced just as head Democrats were meeting with Paterson. I'll never forgive Cuomo for primarying McCall then dropping out before the primary after making Carl expend all his money. I'd like to see someone other than these two step up. We deserve better.

Anonymous said...

So when Blind Cokeyman Resigns, will there be a crisis as to whom is rightly the new Gubbner??


Anonymous said...

More Bullshit Blaber!

Anonymous said...

I can't beleive no one has figured this out yet. This has nothing to do with women or drugs.

I have heard the subject (hint: a state contract) of this supposed evidence, and I don't know what kind of proof the Times has but it will be hard to prove, since it is so close to business as usual in state and federal government. I think it is more of a witch hunt to get this guy out of office.

Anonymous said...

The sooner this effin moolenyan is run out of office, the better.


Anonymous said...

Wasted talent? When has this guy shown one iota of any talent? Are you kidding me? The joke is on us that this embarassment ever got to this position. Even without these rumors the guy is a waste of good air. You really need to stop cowtowing to any and all politicians. This guy has absolutely no talent and no political savy. In short he has proven himself over and over to be a complete joke.

Anonymous said...

He's still the gov. Blaber? You promised he would be gone.....


Anonymous said...

So I guess this was the "big" story... Big deal.. one of his top aides was a street hustler back in the day.

I hate the gov, don't get me wrong, but this sorry excuse for a story does nothing to diminish the gov's credibility all the while making the NY Times look like the National Enquirer.

Dick Frederer &
Tess Stickles