Friday, February 12, 2010

Kudos to UC Legislator Mike Sweeney

On Ulster County Legislator Mike Sweeney's blog, he recently posted that he declined to take the county health insuance plan, as well as declining the buyout. Mike said while it's not much in a 300 million plus budget every penney counts...if that quote was on his facebook status, I would hit the like button! Could not of said it better myself, kudos to Legislator Sweeney!


Anonymous said...

He already has health Insurance thru other means

Anonymous said...

Blaber that is such bullshit. First there is NO longer a buyout. So he didn't decline shit.

And wow, what a guy - he gets health insurance through his job.

What about Mike Hein and Elliott, maybe they should decline their health insurance too? WTF

Anonymous said...

Many others took the buyout over the years, including your precious Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Big Deal. It would be news if he was doing without or was paying through the nose. He is not doing either.

There is no buyout and lots of people have done this before.