Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Congressman Hinchey tackles Medicare Part D

Congressman Maurice Hinchey held a press conference yesterday afternoon were he criticized President Bush's new Medicare part d plan. Five days ago, a patient who needs an MRI went to NekosPharmacy on North Front Street with a prescription for medication that would allow her to take the test without having any pain. Pharmacy owner Maryann Sheeley said, she was told by an administrative clerk in charge of the new Medicare Part D program that it would take another 96 hours before approval might be given.
Sheeley filled the prescription on the pharmacies dime.
Later the pharmacist was told by another clerk that a wound-healing drug for a disabled man was not covered under either the Medicaid or Medicare program, even though it had been in the past. The owner filled that one as well. This is just ridiculous when we have big oil getting billions and billions of dollars in tax incentives and our seniors can not get the proper medicine they need to survive. I really am glad we have representatives like Congressman Hinchey that will stand up for our seniors and protect there rights. I could not agree with Hinchey more when he says the only people that this new plan benefits is the pharmaceutical companies. When asked what should be done Hinchey responded "The first step in fixing this prescription drug program disaster is to help seniors immediately get the medications that they need," Hinchey said in a press release. "Once we address the immediate problem, Congress needs to go back to the drawing board and take a look at the Democratic proposal, which I am co-sponsoring, that would ensure all seniors have access to voluntary, affordable, prescription drug program that covers all medicines." We are almost spoiled to have such a great congressman.

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