Saturday, March 25, 2006

City Of Kingston's Person Of The Week

The Hon. Brian Cahill- One of our counties newest democratic legislators Brian Cahill is Blaber New's Kingston person of the week. Brian Cahill won his seat this November after crushing his opponent then county legislator Jim Maloney. Brian Cahill is a good example of how important it is to vote and that how every single vote counts although Brian won his seat this time by a very large margin, two years ago he lost his bid for the legislator by one single vote. The dems also that year gained a few seats but not enough to put them in the majority, they ended up having 15 seats to the republicans 16 which means the majority of the whole legislator was decided by a single vote. Brian who is now in a 21-12 majority is really making a difference early on after taking office in January, I can see his compassion as he speaks at the legislative meetings and even though I am not in his district when I had a problem with something that fell into his district him and Mike Berrardi both called me right away and had it solved with in 72 hours. He is someone I strongly admire and look up too, I don't know if you can be proud of some one older then you but I am proud of Brian and what he has accomplished in his life and so far on the legislator and look forward to these next two years, and hopefully years after that.

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I'm interested in anything to do with the Civil War and with Cassville, Georgia. Your blog is interesting.


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