Saturday, March 18, 2006

GOP members of the legislator refuse to give up benefits

Ulster Legislator- Allen Lomita d-Rosendale, brought a proposal that would have eliminated health insurance buy-outs for legislators, increased health insurance contributions, eliminated mileage reimbursements and removed legislators from the county's management "flex plan," this resolution would have saved the county 52,000 dollars, instead of the republicans embracing this idea to cut spending and chip in a few dollars for there health insurance the republicans of the ways and means committee voted against it! Rich Gerentine was quoted as saying " We're asking county departments to cut 5 percent, which would have been about $7,000 for the Legislature," he said. "This proposal called for $52,600 in cuts. I found that a bit unfair, a little extreme. A LITTLE EXTREME??? You know what I find a little extreme Gerentine, pick-pocketing the tax payers of this county with a 37 percent tax hike under your leadership or how about a jail project that is millions of dollars over budget? Huh? that is what I call a little extreme. He went further to say if we cut benefits it will be difficult to attract candidates. That is just untrue and just a cop-out, most people do not run for office for the health benefits, they run to benefit the community and if I ever decided to run cutting legislator benefits to control cost is something I would defiantly support, cutting cost and controlling spending anyway we can is something I would support! Remember your representatives represent you, call the legislators who voted No on this and urge them to reconsider so we can cut some of the cost in Ulster county and ultimately relieve the tax burden on our residents.

Richard Gerentine(r-Marlboro) Home 845-236-4855
Susan Cummings (r-Ellenville) Home 845-647-8599
Minority Leader Glenn Noonan (r- Gardiner) Home 845-255-8771

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